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March 1, 2008 - American Family Physician

...Diagnosis and Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction Jennifer E. Frank; Patricia Mistretta; Joshua Will Urinary Retention in Adults: Diagnosis and Initial Management Brian A. Selius; Rajesh Subedi Tourette's Syndrome Christopher Kenney; Sheng-Han Kuo; Joohi...

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November 1, 2005 - American Family Physician

...Low Testosterone Not Linked with Female Sexual Dysfunction Hyaluronic Acid Unproven for Osteoarthritis of the Knee Should Women with Dysuria and Negative Dipstick Test Be Treated? U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Screening for Gonorrhea: Recommendation Statement...

American Family Physician

Anterior Hip Pain - American Family Physician

Oct 15, 1999 - Anterior hip pain is a common complaint with many possible causes. Apophyseal avulsion and slipped capital femoral epiphysis should not be overlooked in adolescents. Muscle and tendon strains are common in adults. Subsequent to accurate diagnosis, strains should improve with rest and ...

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Diagnosis and Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis - American Family Physician

Sep 15, 2005 - Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of synovial tissue and a wide array of multisystem comorbidities. Prevalence is estimated to be 0.8 percent worldwide, with women twice as likely to develop the disease as men. Untreated, ...

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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - American Family Physician

Apr 15, 2004 - Abnormal uterine bleeding is a common presenting symptom in the family practice setting. In women of childbearing age, a methodical history, physical examination, and laboratory evaluation may enable the physician to rule out causes such as pregnancy and pregnancy-related disorders, ...

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Hepatitis B - American Family Physician

Jan 1, 2004 - Hepatitis B causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. More than 400 million persons, including 1.25 million Americans, have chronic hepatitis B. In the United States, chronic hepatitis B virus infection is responsible for about 5,000 annual deaths from cirrhosis and ...

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Case Studies in Partner Violence - American Family Physician

Dec 1, 1999 - Interpersonal violence and abuse, especially between relatives and domestic partners, are leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Family physicians and other professionals who provide primary care health services must deal with acute presentations and chronic sequelae of this ...

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Urinary Catheter Management - American Family Physician

Jan 15, 2000 - The use of urinary catheters should be avoided whenever possible. Clean intermittent catheterization, when practical, is preferable to long-term catheterization. Suprapubic catheters offer some advantages, and condom catheters may be appropriate for some men. While clean handling of ...

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Building Capacity to Care for Refugees -- FPM

Aug 1, 2017 - So you want to incorporate refugee health into your practice. Now what?

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September 15, 1998 - American Family Physician

...Management of Female Sexual Assault Linda M. Petter; David L. Whitehill Recognizing Occupational Disease-Taking an Effective Occupational History Michael B. Lax; William D. Grant; Federica A. Manetti; Rosemary Klein Departments AAFP News: AFP Edition Newsletter...

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Violence (Position Paper)

Read AAFP's position paper on family violence as an important public health issue.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations : Policies

Managing Somatic Preoccupation - American Family Physician

Jun 1, 1999 - Somatically preoccupied patients are a heterogeneous group of persons who have no genuine physical disorder but manifest psychologic conflicts in a somatic fashion; who have a notable psychologic overlay that accompanies or complicates a genuine physical disorder; or who have ...

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Depression in Children and Adolescents - American Family Physician

Nov 15, 2000 - Depression among children and adolescents is common but frequently unrecognized. It affects 2 percent of prepubertal children and 5 to 8 percent of adolescents. The clinical spectrum of the disease can range from simple sadness to a major depressive or bipolar disorder. Risk factors ...

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Undetected Childhood Sexual Trauma and Its Health Effects in Adults sexual abuse or related trauma. I would like to talk with her about this. What is the best way to discuss this subject? If sexual trauma is revealed, how do I proceed? Commentary It is essential for physicians to understand the relevance of childhood sexual trauma to adult...

American Family Physician


...Diagnosis and Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction JENNIFER E. FRANK, MD, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Appleton, Wisconsin PATRICIA MISTRETTA, MPAS, Martin Army Community Hospital, Fort Benning, Georgia JOSHUA WILL, CPT, MC, USA, Evans Army...

American Family Physician


...Therapy for Female Sexual Dysfunction Therapy/dosage Population Effects Adverse effects Evidence Transdermal testosterone, 150 to 450 mcg daily (not FDA approved for use in women) Surgically menopausal women receiving estrogen therapy who have diminished sexual interest or...

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Surveillance of the Adult Cancer Survivor

...should be addressed to optimize function and longevity. Common late effects of cancer and its treatment include second primary cancers, sexual dys- function, and psychosocial issues. Cancer recurrence is a significant concern. After treatment for colorectal cancer, intensive...

American Family Physician


...sexual intercourse, is common and can affect women’s mental and physical health and rela- tionships.1,2 The prevalence of dyspareunia in the United States is approximately 10% to 20% and varies by age and population.3 Women with sexual pain are at increased risk of sexual...

American Family Physician

Corrections - Feb 1, 2009 - American Family Physician

Feb 1, 2009 - ...of Female Sexual Dysfunction, (March 1, 2008, page 635) an incorrect source was listed for a portion of Table 5 on page 639 and the following sentence on page 638: The ALLOW (Ask, Legitimize, Limitations, Open up, Work together) model facilitates completion of the sexual history and...

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...I n the United States, approximately 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men experience sexual dysfunction.1 It is not surprising that testosterone, primarily used to treat sexual problems, is being prescribed more often than in the past; a 500 percent increase in sales has...

American Family Physician

Evaluation and Differential Diagnosis of Dyspareunia -- American Family Physician

...depends on the definition used and the population sampled. In a national proba- bility sample7 assessing the prevalence of sex- ual dysfunction in the United States, women with dyspareunia comprised a smaller group than women with decreased interest in sex, orgasmic difficulties,...

American Family Physician

Dyspareunia in Women

Date xx, xxxx Scientific

American Family Physician


...deconditioning, and neurologic impair- ment. Other common problems include poor appetite with possible weight loss, falls, and sexual dysfunction. Psychological morbidities, posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression also often occur in the post-intensive care...

American Family Physician

Managing the Adverse Effects of Radiation Therapy

...radiation cystitis include anticholinergic agents and phenazopyridine. Sexual dysfunction from radiation therapy includes erectile dysfunction and vaginal stenosis, which are treated with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and vaginal dilators, respectively. (Am Fam Physician....

American Family Physician

Gynecologic Aspects of Crohn's Disease - American Family Physician

Nov 15, 2001 - Because Crohn's disease has a tendency to be transmural and to form fistulas, it may involve contiguous organs. Gynecologic involvement is frequent, diverse and often difficult to diagnose. Inflammation involving adjacent structures has been reported in as many as one third of patients....

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