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Ten EHR Strategies for Efficient Documentation -- FPM Restricted content. Login required.

Aug 1, 2020 - Applying even one of these 10 strategies can help you reduce frustration, improve productivity, and get home earlier.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Technology Tools and Trends for Better Patient Care: Beyond the EHR -- FPM

Oct 1, 2017 - From remote monitoring of chronic diseases to virtual assistants in the exam room, technology will improve practice.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Cardiac Risk Assessment -- FPM

Oct 1, 2014 - The Cardiac Risk Assist app allows health care professionals to calculate 10-year and lifetime risks for atherosclerotic cardiovascular (CV) disease.

Family Practice Management : SPPACES: App Reviews

2014 Is Finally Here - Oh My! -- FPM

Feb 1, 2014 - It's going to be a challenging year, but we can do this.

Family Practice Management : From the Editor

Registries Made Simple -- FPM

Jun 1, 2011 - Organizing chronic illness care with a registry will streamline your workflow, improve patient outcomes and provide data for quality improvement.

Family Practice Management : Articles

How to Find Clinical Information Quickly at the Point of Care -- FPM

Jun 1, 2008 - You have one minute to identify the first-line therapy for a pregnant patient with tuberculosis. How will you find the answer?

Family Practice Management : Articles

Letters - Jun 2007 -- FPM

Jun 1, 2007 - ...EHRs are often marketed as being simple and streamlined with structured templates for a variety of medical conditions (e.g., hypertension and diabetes). Ironically, with the exception of some acute visits, the typical office visit of a family physician is neither simple nor...

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EHRs Fix Everything - and Nine Other Myths -- FPM

Mar 1, 2007 - Realistic expectations can help your conversion to electronic health records succeed.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Improve Your ICD-9 Coding With Voice-Recognition Macros -- FPM

Jun 1, 2006 - A voice-recognition system can automatically insert the correct ICD-9 codes into your dictated note.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Using a Simple Patient Registry to Improve Your Chronic Disease Care -- FPM

Apr 1, 2006 - Who needs an EHR? Software you already have can help you make sure your patients get the care they need.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Letters - Feb 2006 -- FPM

Feb 1, 2006 - ...Coding for Hypertension: Painting a Picture of the Severity of Illness Editor's Collections Documentation Guidelines Related Topic Searches Documentation, general Software MOST RECENT ISSUE Nov-Dec 2020 Access the latest issue of FPM journal Read the Issue...

Family Practice Management : Letters

Make Medical Notes Better and Faster With Macros -- FPM

Sep 1, 2005 - You can use your word processing program to create notes almost instantly - even if you’re not a great typist.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Monitor - Jun 2005 -- FPM

Jun 1, 2005 - ...56 percent find it difficult or impossible to generate a list of patients by diagnosis or health risk (e.g., those with diabetes or hypertension); 18 percent have data on their patients' outcomes (e.g., the percentage of patients with diabetes who have good glycemic control)....

Family Practice Management : News Briefs

Communicating With Your Patients Online -- FPM

Mar 1, 2004 - This is the first in a two-part series that reviews what the current options are for online communication with patients, how to integrate online communication with patients into a busy practice, and what the relevant guidelines are for privacy and financial success.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Evidence-Based-Medicine Tools for Your Palm-Top Computer -- FPM

May 1, 2003 - The author evaluates a list of evidence-based resources for the personal digital assistant and offers tips for better utilization of these resources at the point of care.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Practice Diary - Jan 2003 -- FPM

Jan 1, 2003 - office with a new complaint. It wasn’t as though she didn’t have enough problems already – chronic atrial fibrillation, recalcitrant hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity and a history of congestive heart failure. Now she noticed her belly had swollen markedly during the past...

Family Practice Management : Practice Diary

Electronic Paper & Pencil: How to Develop Your Own Low-Cost Electronic Medical Record ...

May 1, 2001 - If you know how to use modern word-processing software, you can create your own electronic medical records.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Back to the Future: The Telemedicine House Call -- FPM

Jan 1, 1998 - This pilot project showed that high-tech can mean high-touch.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Is Your Performance Data Online Yet? -- FPM

Jun 1, 1999 - This installment in an ongoing series of brief web-site reviews will describe a site that makes data about physician performance available to patients. The article will inform readers about what your patients can find out about you on the Web.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Monitor - Sep 2000 -- FPM

Sep 1, 2000 - ...would categorize physicians as platinum, gold or silver based on clinical outcomes for 10 conditions, including diabetes, depression, hypertension and chest pain. Becky Cherney, president and chief operating officer of the coalition, said that under the plan, reimbursement rates...

Family Practice Management : News Briefs

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