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At the End of a Long Road, the Mother of All Match Days

Cynthia Kudji Sylvester, M.D., M.H.A., M.S.L., M.S.N., never gave up on her dream of becoming a physician. This spring, she shared Match Day with her daughter, Jasmine Kudji, M.D., who matched in the same health system.

Staying Connected With Patients Despite Barriers

When COVID-19 shut down her health system's patient classes, Darlene Lawrence, M.D., found a way to keep the group wellness course going.

Setting an Example for Native Youth

Clint Brayfield, M.D., beat the odds to become a Native American physician. Now he hopes to inspire others to follow his path.

Veteran FP Expanding His State's Physician Pipeline

Under the direction of John Mitchell, M.D., the number of family medicine residency positions in Mississippi has more than doubled in eight years, and more new programs are in development.

Called to Heal: FP Ministers to Both Patients and Society

Family physician and pastor Joedrecka Brown Speights, M.D., has a unique perspective on the many aspects of patients' well-being, including their spiritual health.

Mentor Found Niche in Place She Didn't Expect

Family physician and residency program director Kristina Diaz, M.D., is playing a vital role in her hometown's battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Conference Panelist's Message: Speak Out and Lead

Tamieka Howell, M.D., wants other women and minorities to see that they can do what she's done: fill leadership roles at state and national levels.

Family Medicine Is Key to Her Career in Global Health

When Erin Ferenchick, M.D., realized she needed more skills to make a difference in global health, she went back to school to become a family physician.

Teenage Injuries Put FP on Sports Medicine Career Path

His own athletic injuries sparked an interest in a health care career. Now Deepak Patel, M.D., is caring for athletes and sharing his expertise with medical students, residents and his peers.

Beyond Charity: FP Empowers Communities, Sparks Change

From caring for people experiencing homelessness to feeding the hungry, Evelyn Figueroa, M.D., is helping Chicagoans beyond her clinic and hospital.

Resident Determined to Make Difference on the Border

Working as a teacher in south Texas gave family medicine resident D. Tyler King, D.O., a passion for caring for patients in underserved communities.

Film Shows How Private Practice Is Coping With COVID-19

When Bryce McNabb wanted to tell a story about how private practices are coping with the pandemic, he didn't have to look far. His father, James McNabb, M.D., is the focal point of "Plague on the Practice."

Making the Most of Opportunities to Teach and Lead

Santina Wheat, M.D., M.P.H., A.A.H.I.V.S., teaches her family medicine residents that it's possible, and important, to be both a physician and an advocate.

Deaf Family Physician Aims to Improve Communication

Carolyn Stern, M.D., has overcome challenges related to hearing loss. Now she works to reduce such challenges for patients, physicians and interpreters.

Duke Resident Is Eager to Lead

Duke resident Clay Cooper, M.D., M.B.A., is one of this year’s recipients of the AAFP Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education. Find out why in this Family Doc Focus.

Resident Award-winner Eager to Be Change Advocate

After Michelle Lough, M.D., M.P.H., realized she needed to learn more about politics and policy to influence public health, she landed an internship working for a future congresswoman.

Program Director Takes Texas-sized Role in Leadership

Program director Ikemefuna Ike Okwuwa, M.D., says his passion for family medicine fuels his numerous roles in leadership and education.

Resident With Knack for Problem-solving Earns ACGME Award

Former handyman Thomas Greenwood, D.O., knows the value of having a broad skillset. Now he’s solving different types of problems as a family medicine resident.

Med Student Is Helping Black Applicants Find Their Match

Meharry Medical College student Carmen Simmons is connecting Black family medicine applicants with residency programs during the virtual Match.

Researchers Investigate Primary Care Professional Burnout

Researchers surveyed physicians and other primary care professionals in a medical home setting to see how task-sharing is related to physician burnout.

Speaker Plants 'Seeds of Possibility' for True Well-being

During a Residency Program Solutions plenary session, Mark Greenawald, M.D., sought to help colleagues understand how to be well while leading well.

'Nerdy Girl' Is Star in Family Medicine

Sarah Coles, M.D., was pondering a future in music or science when her mother’s cancer diagnosis put her on a path to family medicine.

Student Connects Peers, Residency Programs in Virtual Match

Medical student Phoebe Hughes, M.P.H., isn’t focused solely on her own virtual match experience. She’s also connecting thousands of her peers and family medicine residency programs online.

AAFP Rolls Out Well-being Planner to Help Fight Burnout

The AAFP has expanded its Physician Health First initiative to include an online well-being planner as part of an ongoing effort to combat physician burnout.

Study Suggests Link Between FP Scope of Practice, Burnout

New research published in Annals of Family Medicine suggests FPs with a broader scope of practice early in their careers may be less likely to feel burned out.

How Small NYC Primary Care Practices Avoid Burnout Blues

Researchers recently found that health care professionals in small independent primary care practices in New York City reported much lower burnout rates than the national average.

JAMA Research Challenges Perceptions of Physician Burnout

Research recently published in JAMA found no clear consensus on how physician burnout is measured or defined. A second study in the same issue examined the prevalence of burnout among medical residents and how it affected their views of their profession and specialty choice.

Physician Well-being: Building on a Strong Foundation

AAFP News spoke with AAFP Senior Vice President for Education Clif Knight, M.D., about the Academy's ongoing plans to address family physicians' risk for burnout and promote physician well-being and resilience.

Massachusetts Group Calls Physician Burnout Public Health Crisis

Four health care groups recently published a report that labels physician burnout a full-blown public health crisis and suggests steps that can be taken to reach short-, medium- and long-term solutions.

Is Physician Burnout on the Decline?

Results of a survey of more than 5,900 U.S. physicians found that for many specialties, including family medicine, burnout incidence has decreased in recent years and satisfaction with work-life balance has increased.

Practicing in Rural Areas May Reduce Burnout, Study Finds

Results of a small pilot study suggest that family physicians who practice in rural areas have significantly lower burnout rates than their nonrural peers.

AAFP Rolls Out New Well-being Assessment Tool

As part of its ongoing effort to help family physicians increase professional satisfaction and fulfillment, the Academy has added a new assessment resource -- the Physician Well-being Index -- to its Physician Health First portal.

Tackling Patients' Social Needs May Reduce Clinician Burnout

New research has found that when patients' social needs are adequately addressed, primary care clinicians may experience less burnout. Having social needs resources on site or nearby and having specialized staff in the clinic appeared to serve as an effective buffer to clinician burnout.

Residency Innovation Creates Path to Physician Well-being

A primary care residency program in Indiana has developed a winning formula to improve professional and personal well-being among both residents and faculty.

Want to Learn to Lead Change to Achieve Physician Well-being?

The Academy is offering members a free opportunity to learn how to lead change to boost physician well-being in the workplace, thanks to a collaboration between the AAFP and United Health Foundation.

AAFP Steers CMS on Proposed Changes to Medicare Advantage

The AAFP recently gave CMS detailed suggestions on how the agency could improve a proposed rule covering the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Benefit programs.

Medicare Part D Proposed Rule Triggers AAFP Response

In a letter to CMS, the AAFP raised objections about portions of a proposed rule that would create barriers to certain Medicare Part D drugs.

AAFP to FCC: Improve Rural Telehealth to Support Primary Care

The AAFP has responded to a proposed rule on rural telehealth from the Federal Communications Commission by offering suggestions for supporting physicians and improving patient care.

AAFP Outlines Steps to Reduce Administrative Burden

The AAFP recently laid out concrete solutions to the problem of administrative burden in a letter to two federal agencies.

Time to Register, Reactivate Open Payments Account

Physicians and teaching hospitals can submit data to CMS' Open Payments system until March 31; beginning in April, they can preview data others have entered about them.

AAFP Webinar Maps State Primary Care Spending Success

A webinar on Feb. 21 will highlight state-level increases in primary care spending and offer tools to help spur similar success in more states.

Federal Budget Deal Brings Wins for Family Medicine

The Bipartisan Budget Act brings needed support for many AAFP priorities that will help family physicians and the nearly 200 million patients they care for.

2017 Hurricanes, Wildfires Impact ACOs' Ability to Succeed

The AAFP has asked for changes to a CMS interim final rule regarding 2017 disasters and accountable care organization policies.

AAFP, Chapters Caution HHS on Changing Medicaid Eligibility

The AAFP is assisting chapters that want to communicate with HHS or their state governments about proposals to impose work

AAFP Advises ONC, Continues Fight for Interoperability

The AAFP recently offered suggestions to the federal government on a draft document that lays out a plan to prioritize nationwide health IT

Fix Physician Payment to Stem Opioid Epidemic, Says AAFP

A starting point for addressing the nation's opioid misuse epidemic would be to ensure physicians can spend enough time with patients and are compensated appropriately, the AAFP recently told a Senate committee.

AAFP Advises CMS on Prior Authorizations, Opioid Epidemic

The AAFP recently made recommendations to CMS on how to address specific issues with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D programs.

AAFP Joins Call for Congress to Reduce Health Care Costs

Congress needs to act soon to reduce health care costs for those who buy their own insurance, the AAFP and several other organizations told legislators recently.

AAFP, Missouri Chapter Warn State About Opioids Overreach

The AAFP recently gave the Department of Veterans Affairs feedback on a proposed rule that could affect physician payment, prior authorization and scope of practice.

AAFP Urges Improvements to Fledgling Patient Data Initiative

The AAFP made detailed suggestions to improve CMS' recently announced initiative to improve patients' access to and control of their electronic health data.

State Bill to Expand PAs' Scope Pulled After AAFP Warning

Tennessee legislators withdrew a proposal to allow some physician assistants greater authority after the AAFP pointed out the "grave danger" such a move would pose for patients.

Budget Bill Addresses Important Primary Care Priorities

The budget bill that Congress passed and President Trump signed March 23 funds important primary care initiatives, but leaves one important patient need unsettled.

Don't Loosen Short-term Insurance Rules, AAFP Warns HHS

A proposal to expand the definition of short-term, limited-duration insurance would hurt enrollees and destabilize the insurance market, the AAFP told HHS.

AAFP Offers Solutions to Ease E/M Documentation Burdens

The AAFP has offered recommendations to CMS regarding changes to evaluation and management documentation guidelines.

FPs Flock to Mics to Voice Concerns to CMS Representative

An early morning breakfast at the AAFP's 2018 National Conference of Constituency Leaders that was billed as an update from CMS on the Quality Payment Program turned into something quite different -- and far more meaningful.

AAFP Advises VA on Proposed Rules to Expand Patient Access

The AAFP recently gave the Department of Veterans Affairs feedback on a proposed rule that could affect physician payment, prior authorization and scope of practice.

Preserve Clean Power Plan to Protect Health, AAFP Urges

A proposal to roll back regulations on carbon emissions from power plants would harm the health of high-risk populations, the AAFP recently warned the Environmental Protection Agency.

New CMS Strategy Aims to Benefit Small-town America

CMS announced a new strategy intended to ensure that the 60 million people who live in rural areas of the United States have the same access to affordable, high-quality health care as the rest of the country.

AAFP Fights for Patient Access to Covered Medicaid Services

The AAFP stands against a proposed rule that would amend the state documentation process on Medicaid fee-for-service payments and their effect on patient access.

AAFP Urges Swift Passage of Primary Care Patient Protection Act

The AAFP called on Congress to pass the Primary Care Patient Protection Act, which would make it easier for patients with high-deductible health plans to see their primary care physicians.

Legislators Named First Congressional Primary Care Champions

Founders of the bipartisan Primary Care Caucus were honored for advocating on behalf of primary care physicians, providers and patients.

AAFP Joins Support for Less Nicotine in Cigarettes

The AAFP has joined more than 40 public health and medical associations in support of a proposed update to the FDA's cigarette product standards.

FPs Speak to Legislators About Fixing Health Care System

More than 225 family physicians from across the country gathered for the 2018 Family Medicine Advocacy Summit May 21-22 to learn from experts how to work with legislators on wins that improve their practices and their patients' lives.

Organizations: Apply for NHSC Assignments by June 20

The deadline is approaching for health care organizations to request a priority listing for assignment of National Health Service Corps scholarship program participants for 2018-2019.

Medical Groups Urge DOJ to Defend Key ACA Provisions

The AAFP and five other organizations urged the Department of Justice to argue against a challenge to a key part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

AAFP Scores Win as CMS Activates Medicare ID Look-up Tool

The AAFP was successful in its recent efforts to persuade CMS to create a look-up tool for patients' Medicare Beneficiary Identifier numbers.

AAFP Urges Quick Reunification of Families Separated at Border

The AAFP recently called on the administration to quickly reunite families that have been separated at the border and to ensure that those still in custody receive appropriate health care.

MMWR Report: Fewer Youth Say They Use Tobacco Products

A new report from the CDC and FDA found that although fewer high school and middle school students overall used any tobacco product in 2017 compared to 2011, e-cigarettes remained the most commonly used tobacco product among those who did use such products.

Physician Groups Urge CMS to Rethink Risk Payment Suspension

The AAFP and five other physician organizations are asking CMS to reconsider a decision to stop $10.4 billion in risk-adjustment payments to health insurers.

CMS Releases Planned Changes for 2019 Medicare Payments

CMS has released its 2019 proposed Medicare physician fee schedule and has included proposed rules for the Quality Payment Program.

AAFP, Other Groups File Amicus Brief in Texas v. U.S.

The AAFP and other medical groups have filed an amicus brief supporting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in a lawsuit that seeks to declare the ACA unconstitutional.

AAFP Voices Support for FDA Tobacco Regulation

On June 20, the AAFP sent the FDA letters stating the Academy's position on three separate tobacco-related issues: the use of flavors in tobacco products, premium cigars and nicotine levels in cigarettes.

AHRQ: National Guideline Clearinghouse to Shut Down July 16

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has announced that, because of federal budget cuts, its National Guideline Clearinghouse website will no longer be updated with new content as of July 2, 2018, and will not be available at all after July 16.

AAFP Calls for Wide-ranging Approach to Lowering Drug Prices

The AAFP offered multiple suggestions, as well as some cautionary advice, in response to an HHS request for information on ways to lower drug prices.

AAFP Issues Summary of Proposed 2019 Medicare Fee Schedule

The AAFP has created a two-page summary of CMS' proposed 2019 Medicare physician fee schedule. The summary is a precursor to a much lengthier and detailed formal comment letter the AAFP will submit by the agency's Sept. 10 deadline.

Title X Change Would Threaten Evidence-based Care, AAFP Warns

A proposed revision to Title X would force family physicians to withhold important information from patients, the AAFP recently told HHS.

AAFP, Other Groups Demand HHS Stop Stalling on Regulations

The AAFP and 13 other organizations recently pressed HHS to issue long-overdue regulations on information blocking related to the 21st Century Cures Act.

AAFP's Opioid Survey Seeks Powerful Firsthand Testimony

The Academy is seeking member feedback regarding pain management and the opioid epidemic. Your response to a 10-minute survey will help support the AAFP's advocacy.

How Have Cuts in Lab Payments Affected You?

The AAFP is asking family physicians to participate in a short survey that asks them to describe how cuts in point-of-care lab fees have impacted their practices.

Petition Demands Stop to Big Tobacco's Social Media Deception

Teens use social media heavily -- and so do tobacco companies that want to reach U.S. kids, says a petition that the AAFP joined to ask the Federal Trade Commission to take action.

AAFP Joins Push for Tough FDA Stance on Black Market Tobacco

Bootlegged cigarettes are only part of the illicit tobacco picture, according to a July 16 letter the AAFP and other stakeholder groups sent to the FDA.

AAFP Digs In, Gives CMS Comprehensive Comments on MPFS

The AAFP sent a 92-page letter to CMS with recommendations on how to improve the proposed 2019 Medicare physician fee schedule so it better supports family medicine.

Keep Cancer-fighting Tax on Tanning, Groups Tell Congress

The AAFP is asking the House of Representatives to preserve a tax on indoor tanning -- and calling on Academy members to add their voices in support.

New Federal Rule Recognizes FP Role in Treating Diabetes

A long-sought rule change means family physicians can certify that commercial drivers who use insulin are able to stay behind the wheel.

AAFP Joins Opposition to Sweeping 'Public Charge' Change

The AAFP and four other physician organizations warned that a proposed change to the so-called public charge rule would endanger patients and their communities, and increase costs to the health system and taxpayers.

AAFP Supports CMS Move Toward Equitable Payment Rules

The AAFP said CMS should finalize a policy proposal in its proposed rule on the 2019 outpatient prospective payment system that would reduce payment differences between sites of service and also suggested another way to fix Medicare payment.

AAFP to CMS: Ease Repayment Pressure on CPC+ Practices

To ensure that innovation continues to be encouraged, the AAFP urged CMS to give participants more time to evaluate data before any incentive repayment comes due.

Medical Society Consortium Reacts to Climate Report, EPA Proposal

The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, of which the AAFP is a founding member, echoed the alarm sounded in a recent report on climate change.

AAFP Nudges ONC Toward EHR Interoperability

The Academy has offered feedback to the National Coordinator for Health IT about electronic health record interoperability, usability and certification testing.

AAFP Urges Modifications to CMS' Proposed ACO Rule

The AAFP responded in writing to CMS with suggestions on how to improve its proposed rule on accountable care organizations.

Advocacy Awards Spotlight Chapter Statehouse Wins

The AAFP recognized four chapters with Leadership in State Government Advocacy Awards for success in advancing the interests of family medicine in state legislatures.

AAFP Applauds FDA Move on E-cigarette Flavors, Menthol

The AAFP recently hailed an FDA move toward restricting the sale of most flavored e-cigarette products and banning menthol in combustible cigarettes.

AAFP's Influence Clearly Visible in CMS' 2019 MPFS Final Rule

CMS' 2019 Medicare physician fee schedule final rule incorporates several key recommendations the Academy provided earlier this year in its comments to the agency.

Academy Warns of Danger in Proposed SAFE Vehicles Rule

In a recent letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, the AAFP called for the preservation of current emission, efficiency and technology standards.

Review AAFP Summary of 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

The AAFP has created a summary of the 2019 final Medicare physician fee schedule that highlights the elements that will most affect family physicians' practices in the coming year and beyond.

Halt Contraceptive Coverage Exemptions, Say Medical Groups

Five major physician organizations, including the AAFP, said two final rules that allow exemptions from contraceptive services coverage will have "damaging effects on public health."

Pennsylvania Moves to Cut Administrative Burden on MAT

Pennsylvania and seven major insurers have agreed to end prior authorization for medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders.

AAFP Lends Expertise on Social Determinants to Inform HHS

The AAFP recently offered HHS feedback on how to improve health care for Medicare patients with social risk factors and what the Academy has already accomplished in this area.

Close Tobacco-friendly Loopholes in Trade Deal, Groups Urge

The AAFP has joined 23 other organizations in advising that a new U.S.-Japan trade treaty should protect both countries against lawsuits from the tobacco industry.

AAFP Opposes ACA Ruling, Sees 'Profoundly Negative' Impact

In a Dec. 15 statement, the AAFP highlighted the harms that could follow a court's ruling that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.

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