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FPM Past Issues 2020

FPM issues for the year 2020

Family Practice Management


Learn more about the value of membership in the AAFP. Already a Member? Log in for exclusive member information, opportunities, and resources..

AAFP Member Advantage

The AAFP's Member Advantage program offers discounts on various products and services for AAFP members.

Awards for Students and Residents

Read about the awards that recognized medical students, residents and faculty who further AAFP's strategic objectives.

AAFP Mobile App

The AAFP mobile app for iOS and Android features AFP/FPM Journals, Quizzes, Board Review Questions, CME Reporting, and more.

AAFP Insurance Program

Discover the services available through AAFP Insurance Program.

AAFP Membership FAQ

Learn more about AAFP membership with FAQs.

Key Initiatives

Learn more about key initiatives the AAFP has implemented to advocate for and strengthen the family medicine specialty.

Active Membership

Become a member of the AAFP, and enjoy all the benefits of being part of the premier family medicine association.

Chapter Membership

Learn more about membership in your local AAFP chapter. AAFP membership includes membership at both the local and national levels.

AAFP National Dues Payment Policy

AAFP National Dues Payment Policy

Inactive Membership

Find out the eligibility requirements and terms of inactive membership in the American Academy of Family Physicians.

International Member

Become a member of the AAFP as a family physician working outside the United States. Enjoy select privileges and benefits while you connect with peers and gain access to leading family medicine clinical guidelines and CME.

Life Membership

Find out eligibility requirements, privileges and terms of lifetime membership in the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Resident Membership

Join the AAFP as a Resident member and enjoy exclusive resources and benefits to help you through your residency.

Free Medical Student Membership | AAFP

Medical students can join the AAFP for free and enjoy exclusive resources and benefits, such as free board review resources and MATCH support.

Transitional Member

you stay connected to the specialty with quality educational resources and a direct network to your colleagues as a Transitional Member of the AAFP.

AAFP Member Welcome Center

Check out the AAFP Member Welcome Center to learn more about how to update your member profile, earn and report CME, and deepen your involvement with the AAFP.


Connect with your colleagues by joining your chapter, a Member Interest Group or Member Discussion Forum.

AAFP Member Constituencies and Member Forums

Learn more about AAFP Member Constituencies and discussion groups, which address issues of importance to specific groups.

The AAFP Degree of Fellow

Learn how to apply to be an AAFP Degree of Fellow.

You Belong

Learn more about the AAFP, the benefits of AAFP membership, and why the AAFP is a good fit for you.

News From 2018 COD and FMX

This is the topic page for AAFP News coverage of the 2018 Congress of Delegates and Family Medicine Experience in New Orleans.

News From 2019 COD and FMX

This is the topic page for AAFP News coverage of the 2019 Congress of Delegates and Family Medicine Experience in Philadelphia.

News From 2020 COD and FMX

This section provides AAFP News coverage of the virtual 2020 Congress of Delegates and Family Medicine Experience.

Physician Education and Development News

Physician Education and Development articles including CME, graduate medical education, family medicine resident and student issues, and related stories.

Focus on Physician Well-being

This new AAFP News topic area presents ongoing coverage and other content that focuses on issues surrounding physician burnout, resilience and well-being.

Inside the Academy News

This is the topic page for AAFP News' Inside the Academy section.

Patient Care

AAFP News' Patient Care section features stories on preventive care services, community and public health, patient care protocols and more.


The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) is setting up groundbreaking changes to the way physicians are paid by Medicare with a new, two-track system that emphasizes value-based payment models. The AAFP is pulling no punches to make sure family physicians are poised to ...

As We See It: Voices From the AAFP

This is the topic page for AAFP News' Opinion section.

Practice and Career

This AAFP News section features stories on professional issues that affect how family physicians run their practices and design their work teams to offer high-quality health care.

Academy's Digital Assistant Pilot Advances to Stage Two

The AAFP is recruiting as many as 100 family physicians to participate in stage two of its pilot with Suki, a digital assistant that combines artificial intelligence and voice-enabled technology.

Member Resources and Tools for 2018

This is the topic page for a roundup of resources and tools the AAFP has created to position members to succeed in 2018 and beyond.

Medical Students

Start your journey toward family medicine. Learn what it takes to get into and succeed in medical school with the support of AAFP study tools and resources.

Tips for Your Residency Application

Learn how to write a great CV and personal statement, request meaningful letters of recommendation, and help shape your medical school performance evaluation.

Choosing a Residency Program

Finding, applying to, and ranking residency programs is a lengthy process. Simplify the decisions you'll have to make with the AAFP's resources and tips.

Search U.S. Family Medicine Residencies

Find your future family medicine residency with the AAFP's residency directory and customizable mobile app search tool.

Medical School Debt - How to Manage Your Money | AAFP

Medical school is a costly investment. Explore strategies to find scholarships for medical school and how to minimize the overall cost of student debt.

Deciding on a Specialty

Factors to consider when thinking about a career in medicine.

Expectations in Medical School

Learn about what to expect when you attend medical school, including coursework and information about years three and four.

Rotations and Electives in Family Medicine

Discover how to maximize your third year of medical school with wise choices of rotations and electives that prepare you for family medicine.

How to Get into Medical School | Medical School and Residency

Learn about requirements when applying for medical school, including MCAT, work experience, and academic records and use expert tips to help you prepare.

Is a Career in Medicine for you?

Choosing your career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Read about factors to consider when thinking about a career in medicine.

Medical School Programs and Primary Care

Medical education comes in a variety of formats. Understand the options that exist as you begin to consider apply to medical school.

Practice Options for Family Physicians

Learn about the many practice options open to physicians who choose a career in family medicine.

Work-Life Balance for Family Physicians

Learn about lifestyle and income options available to you with a career in family medicine.

Choose more. Choose Family Medicine.

Make a difference in America's health as a primary care physician. Learn about the specialty of family medicine and next steps toward pursuing a career as a family physician.

Advising Medical Students on Medical School and Career

The AAFP has resources to help advisors talk about specialty choice, medical school debt, residency selection, and more.

Education Requirements for Family Medicine

Learn about residency and other requirements and opportunities for becoming a family physician.

Pre-Med Advisors

Do any of your pre-med students know what kind of specialty they want to choose after medical school?

Residency Program Central

Designed for family medicine residency program directors and coordinators. Access curriculum guidelines, grant applications, and other tools to strengthen your program.

Chief Resident Leadership Development Program

Equip your family medicine chief resident for success through this year-long, interactive program, featuring spring and fall workshops, coaching tools, monthly newsletters, and more.

AAFP Resources for Residency Programs

Whether your residents are preparing for certification or staying up to date on current trends, AAFP educational tools and resources for residency programs can help bridge knowledge gaps and boost skill sets.

RPS Consultants to Help Your Family Medicine Residency Program Excel

Position your family medicine residency program for excellence when you engage the consultants of Residency Program Solutions.


Enhance your experience as a resident with the latest medical news, study tools to get ready for boards, and the advice you need to get ready for a career in family medicine.

Third-Year Electives During Residency

Your electives in your final year of residency is can be opportunities to get an inside look at practices you may be considering joining after graduation.

Career Choices in Family Medicine

Resources from the AAFP to help as you transition from your family medicine residency into practice.

Find Fellowships

Discover fellowship opportunities available throughout the United States, including requirements and application deadlines, and more.

Preparing for the ABFM Board Exam

Passing the ABFM Board Exam is a crucial step in beginning a career in family medicine. Get advice on how to prepare and discover what tools and products the AAFP has developed to help you prepare.

Residency Wrap-up Checklist

Use these tips to make sure you're ready to leave residency and move into practice.

Family Medicine Facts

Family medicine is the most versatile of all physician specialties and family physicians are just as diverse as their patients.

About AAFP

Engage with the AAFP

Learn the different ways your organization can partner with the AAFP to share in the goal of providing family physicians and their teams with the best resources and education tools.

About AAFP

ANA Screen, IFA, Reflex Titer/Pattern

Autoimmune rheumatic diseases are conditions in which the immune system attacks the joints and certain systems. They are often difficult to diagnose, as their symptoms can be vague, vary from patient to patient, and often overlap. Laboratory testing can provide useful information, but ...

About AAFP

Physician Burnout

Read articles about or contact organizations dedicated to helping family physicians (and others) minimize burnout.

Time in Range: A Measure of Glycemic Control

Learn about the benefits of using time in ranges (TIRs) to assess glycemic control, as shown in a patient case study.

About AAFP

Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy - Stephanie Quinn

Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy - Stephanie Quinn

About AAFP

Eight rheumatic diseases with one blood draw

Screen and diagnose patients with suspected rheumatic autoimmune disease with one blood draw. One blood draw may make it faster and easier to evaluate eight of the most common rheumatic diseases, which may lead to an earlier diagnosis. Early diagnosis may help patients begin therapy ...

About AAFP

Is it COVID-19, influenza A or B, or something else?

It’s flu season, but we’re also still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), influenza A or B (flu), and other respiratory infections can present with similar symptoms, such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. That’s why it’s important to consider testing ...

About AAFP

Choosing Wisely

Read the recommendations of the Choosing Wisely campaign, created to improve health care quality and reduce unnecessary treatment and tests.

|AAFP Policies and Recommendations

AAFP Executive Management Team

Meet the AAFP Executive Management Team.

About AAFP

AAFP Blogs

The AAFP offers several different blogs showcasing voices representing the specialty of family medicine.

About AAFP

Meet our Leadership

The AAFP is governed by a Congress of Delegates, a Board of Directors, and a number of commissions and committees.

About AAFP

AAFP Home | American Academy of Family Physicians

American Academy of Family Physicians represents 134,600 family physicians, residents, and students, providing advocacy, education, patient and practice resources.


Learn more about commissions at the AAFP and the important leadership role they serve.

About AAFP

Member Benefits

Find out more about your membership and resources you receive as a member.

Board of Directors

Learn more about the AAFP Board of Directors. Members can access minutes and historical information about the AAFP Board.

About AAFP

Graduate Medical Education Financing Policy

Read AAFP's six principles for GME financing reform.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Information Technology Used in Health Care

Read about AAFP's policy on health information technology.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Medical Waste Disposal in Non-Medical Locations

Read the strategies the AAFP recommends to ensure the safe disposal of medical waste.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Pharmacists (Position Paper)

Read the AAFP's position paper on the role of pharmacists in high-quality health care.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Professional Medical Liability

Read the AAFP's position on the professional medical liability problem and its goals in advocating for patients and physicians.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Prior Authorizations

Read AAFP's policy on Prior Authorizations.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Radiology (Position Paper)

Read the AAFP's position paper on radiology practice in reference to family physicians.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Abbreviated AAFP Phone Directory

A short list of AAFP phone numbers.

About AAFP

Log-in Instructions

Help with logging into

About AAFP

About Cookies

About cookies and

About AAFP

About Podcasts

About podcasts and

About AAFP

AAFP Products/Online Shopping FAQ


About AAFP

Affiliated Organizations: Creating a Community

Learn about organizations affiliated with the AAFP, like the Robert Graham Center and the AAFP Foundation.

About AAFP

About PDFs

About PDF file and

About AAFP

History of the AAFP

Historical information about the AAFP.

About AAFP

Mission and Vision of the AAFP

Learn the key role the AAFP plays in the future of family medicine on behalf of its members.

About AAFP

The AAFP and the Biden White House

Capping a tumultuous election year, the Academy has begun corresponding with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team and plans to communicate extensively with the next White House.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Read the AAFP's anti-harassment policy.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Medical Student Debt

Read why the AAFP supports programs to assist in reducing medical students' debt burden.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations


Read the AAFP's encouragement of family physicians to participate in preceptorships with students.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

AAFP Advocacy: Health Care Coverage

Learn about the AAFP's advocacy work around changes in health care coverage systems and processes, including changes to the ACA, CHIP, and more.

Workforce Reform

Read AAFP's recommendations of the reforms needed to address the family physician workforce.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

AAFP Advocacy: Public Health

The AAFP advocates for primary care-centered public health and preventive medicine policies.

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