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Domestic Opportunities in Global Health

You don't have to leave the United States to serve in global health. Find out how to serve as a family physician for global health where you live.

Polaris Programs in Global Health

Learn about Polaris, a World Organization of Family Doctors' (Wonca's) movement aiming to augment medical training with fun, global health experiences.

Scholarships and Funding Opportunities in Global Health

Review a list of global health scholarship opportunities for family medicine students and residents, as well as funding options for family medicine programs interested in integrating global health.

Service Opportunities for Students and Residents

Browse the directory of organizations with international service opportunities for medical students and residents.

Global Health Organizations Founded/Operated by AAFP Members

Access information about global health organizations founded and/or operated by AAFP members.

Preparing for Global Health Work as a Family Physician

Learn how family physicians are uniquely prepared to make a difference in global health and discover how physicians can become prepared to serve.

Maternal Health

Access AAFP's maternal health resources to support your patients at all stages of their reproductive life.

Adolescent and Young Adult Clinical Preventive Services Webinair

Learn more about the clinical preventive services and discussions that help keep your adolescent and young adult patients healthy.

Teen Suicide Prevention

teen suicide, suicide, suicidal, suicide attempt, teenage suicide

Adult ADHD Toolkit

ADHD Toolkit

Adult Immunization Schedule

View the recommended immunization schedule for adults.

Oral Health

Learn how family physicians can be the first line of defense against oral diseases.

Disease- and Population-Specific Immunizations

Immunizations can prevent the spread of contagious and sometimes deadly diseases, particularly among at-risk populations such as young children and older adults. Use AAFP resources to educate parents and patients about the importance of getting immunizations.

PTSD and TBI Veterans

Recent studies indicate the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other health issues such as depression and substance abuse, are increasing among veterans. Family physicians are often the first line of health care for returning ...

Early Childhood Literacy

Family physicians are uniquely positioned to talk with parents and caregivers about the benefits of reading. This can positively affect attitudes and behaviors about reading.

Cultural Proficiency

Improve your cultural proficiency skills by watching brief video vignettes depicting physician-patient communication.

Neighborhood Navigator Training

Get instructions and tips for using The EveryONE Project's Neighborhood Navigator tool to benefit your patients.

Education and Practice-Based Resources

Education and Practice-Based Resources

Access to Care

Get information for your patients about open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace.

ACO Planning Guide

ACOs are a group of health care providers who share responsibility for the quality, cost, and coordination of care with aligned incentives for a population of patients.

CMS Primary Care First Models


The Medical Home: Care Management

Care management, such as risk stratification, increases patient satisfaction and improves outcomes while reducing costs to the health care system.

The Medical Home: Access and Continuity

Improved access and continuity of care can positively affect patient outcomes and improve quality performance while reducing health care costs.

The Medical Home: Comprehensiveness and Coordination

Effective care coordination can improve patient care transitions and outcomes while providing comprehensive care across the medical neighborhood.

Risk-Stratified Care Management Rubric

The Risk-Stratified Care Management Rubric is a framework designed to guide the physician and the care team through the process of stratifying patients into six risk based levels on health severity, social determinates, and utilization of services.

Transform Your Practice: Practice Improvement Checklists

View these practice improvement checklists to transform your practice into a medical home, no matter where you are on the practice transformation spectrum.

The Medical Home: Patient and Caregiver Engagement

Patient and caregiver engagement strategies such as motivational interviewing and shared decision making can improve patient outcomes in health care.

The Medical Home: Planned Care and Population Health

Population health management helps practices identify health needs of its patient populations and develop care plans accordingly.

PCMH Incentive, Recognition, and Accreditation Programs

Incentive, recognition, and accreditation programs related to the patient-centered medical home.

Get Paid with the Annual Wellness Visit

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) allows practices to gain information about the patient, including medical and family history, health risks, and specific vitals.

Coding Basics

Find medical billing coding information so you can get paid for the services you offer in your practice.

AAFP Coding Reference Card Bundle

Obtain the AAFP’s coding reference card bundle, designed to support physicians and practice team members in appropriately coding and documenting services commonly performed by family physicians.

Dermatology Codes Reference Cards

Obtain the AAFP’s coding reference card bundle, designed to support physicians and practice team members in appropriately coding and documenting services commonly performed by family physicians.

2021 E/M Coding Reference Cards

Order the 2021 E/M coding reference cards to assist in the family physician's practice. Maximize payment and reduce the stress associated with audits by understanding how to properly document and code for E/M services.

Immunization Codes Reference Cards

Optimize payment for childhood immunizations by using AAFP’s coding card set that highlights the vaccine administration and counseling codes every member needs to know. This set of five desk reference and five pocket-sized cards features concise information and durable, laminated coating.

Coding for Newborn Care Services (99460, 99461, and 99463)

Find out the coding procedures for care given to newborn patients.

Services Not Covered by Medicare

Learn about the two categories of services not covered by Medicare, including services not deemed medically reasonable or necessary and non-covered services.

Basic Obstetrics, Gynecologic, and Neonate Codes Reference Cards

Obtain the AAFP’s coding reference card bundle, designed to support physicians and practice team members in appropriately coding and documenting services commonly performed by family physicians.

Preventive Services Codes Reference Cards

Obtain the AAFP’s coding reference card bundle, designed to support physicians and practice team members in appropriately coding and documenting services commonly performed by family physicians.

Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE)

Learn about the initial preventive physical examination (IPPE), a preventive visit offered to newly-enrolled Medicare beneficiaries.

Coding for Vaccine Administration

Find out the correct coding procedures for vaccine administration.

Coding: Medicare Part B and Part D Vaccine Coverage

Find out what vaccine coverage is offered by Medicare Part B and Part D.

FAQ on MACRA and Medicare Payment Reform

Find the answers to your questions regarding MACRA.

MACRAnyms: Acronyms and Terms Related to MACRA's Quality Payment Program

A list of MACRA-related acronyms for easy reference.

MIPS: Promoting Interoperability (PI)

Information on the Promoting Interoperability (PI) performance category, formerly known as Advancing Care Information or ACI, under MIPS as part of MACRA and the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

MIPS: Quality Performance Category

Information on the Quality performance category under MIPS as part of MACRA and the Quality Payment Program (QPP).


Technical assistance programs help physicians and clinicians successfully participate in the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae

Learn how to write a cirriculum vitae using various headings and formatting tips to highlight personal interests and activities to help distinguish individual candidates.

Leading Physician Well-being

Leading, Physician, well-being, wellbeing,

CLIA Inspections

Find information regarding CLIA inspections for both basic inspections and specialty labs.

Changing the Status of a Laboratory

Find out the various requirements for changing the status of a lab.

Lab Classifications

Learn the classification criteria for small, medium and high volume labs as well as specialty labs.

Personnel Requirements

Discover the required qualifications for personnel working in laboratory settings.

Preparing a Procedure Manual

Find out how to prepare a lab procedure manual that will document processes, train new personnel, troubleshoot problems and measure performance.

CLIA and Quality Assurance

Find out how the CLIA standards for lab quality assurance apply to your practice.

Recordkeeping Requirements

Learn the requirements for records retention in your labs.

Testing Tips

Update your knowledge on waived and PPM labs and associated quality assurance requirements.

Waived and Provider Performed Microscopy (PPM) Testsa Procedure Manual

Learn the difference between waived and PPM lab tests.

Physician Office Laboratory (POL) Director Duties

Read the description for Physician Office Laboratory Director including duties and regulations.

COLA Discounts and Education

The AAFP has partnered with COLA to offer AAFP members the opportunity for discounted and free education and resources that help you meet regulatory requirements related to laboratory activities.

Contact Us

Have questions or comments about the AAFP proficiency testing program? Contact our expert staff for help.

About the AAFP-PT Evaluation

Find out how to review the AAFP-PT evaluation report including necessary terms and criteria explanations.

Physician Office Laboratory Microscopy Atlas

The indispensable AAFP POL Microscopy Atlas meets all your office microscopy needs and is useful as a training tool. It features more than 150 photos of cellular elements accompanied by matching descriptions, clinical associations, and the applicable CLIA regulations.

Proficiency Testing Kit Info

AAFP proficiency testing is simple to follow, with only 3 testing events a year. Find the shipment schedule, handling specifications, and testing instructions for the AAFP-PT program.

AAFP-PT: Answers to Common Questions

Learn more about the AAFP laboratory proficiency testing program by viewing frequently asked questions, including ordering information, kit troubleshooting, and reporting.

AAFP-PT Proficiency Testing

AAFP-PT is laboratory proficiency testing from a name you can trust

September/October 2016

...Is Direct Primary Care the Solution to Our Health Care Crisis? Edmond S. Weisbart In Defense of Direct Primary Care Philip Eskew Practice Pearls • Answer patients' questions before the visit • Inform patients about delays Coding & Documentation • ICD-10 changes...

Family Practice Management

Supporting Membership

Supporting Membership in the AAFP is available to family medicine physicians as well as physicians of other specialties. Enjoy specific information and benefits when you join as a Supporting Member.


FPM is the AAFP’s peer-reviewed, practice improvement journal, offering practical ideas for improving practice, enhancing the patient experience, and developing a rewarding career.

Family Practice Management

FPM Past Issues 2014

FPM 2014 Past Issues

Family Practice Management

Permission Requests

Permissions requests for content.

About AAFP

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Meet the student leaders who support the FMIG Network by helping student groups in their respective regions stay informed and inspired.


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SoFi Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing

Let SoFi help you consolidate and refinance your student loans.

Hippo Education Primary Care RAP

Hippo Education’s podcast, Primary Care Reviews and Perspectives, keeps family medicine clinicians up to date with engaging monthly episodes. Now 15% off for AAFP members only.


Capture revenue for services you are already providing. Meet all criteria required for billing code 99490. Special rate for AAFP members.

AAFP Practice Solutions

Find out how Bank of America can help you purchase and grow your practice.

Up to Date

Discover the discounts available with UpToDate, a physician-authored clinical knowledge resource for point-of-care decisions.

Awards, Scholarships, and Fellowships

Learn more about enhancing your family medicine career with AAFP awards, scholarships, and fellowships.

FMIG Network Program of Excellence Award

Learn about the FMIG Network Program of Excellence Award, which recognizes groups for their efforts to stimulate interest in family medicine.

Member Resources

Take advantage of resources exclusively for AAFP members.

Active Membership Dues

Learn more about AAFP Active membership dues.

Transitional Member Dues

Dues for transitional membership status.

Resident Membership Dues

Learn more about AAFP Resident membership dues.

LGBT Member Constituency

AAFP LGBT Member Constituency

Resident Representative to the AAFP Center for Global Health Initiatives (CGHI)

Help plan the AAFP Family Medicine Global Health Workshop, and take the lead in preparing and facilitating the Global Health Networking Meeting at the National Conference.

COD Addresses Medical Aid in Dying, Institutional Racism

Delegates to the 2018 Congress of Delegates in New Orleans addressed a number of clinical and patient-oriented issues, including medical aid in dying and institutional racism in health care.

AAFP Delegates Choose New Leaders for 2018-19

On Oct. 10, the AAFP Congress of Delegates elected leaders to guide the Academy through the coming year and beyond. Gary LeRoy, M.D., of Dayton, Ohio, was named the AAFP's president-elect.

FPs Make a Difference Volunteering in 'The Big Easy'

Community service opportunities drew 220 family physicians and their families Oct. 9 during the Family Medicine Experience in New Orleans.

Payment Tops FPs' Agenda at Town Hall

During a Town Hall meeting before the 2018 Congress of Delegates convened, AAFP leaders discussed the need to double the nation's investment in primary care. A few states already have moved to do so.

Delegates Act on Family Medicine Education Issues

Delegates discussed a wide variety of issues during the Reference Committee on Education hearing at the Congress of Delegates in New Orleans, including paid leave for new parents and CME changes meant to encourage precepting and meet other family medicine needs.

Cullen: FPs Are Heroes in 'Epic Adventure' of U.S. Health Care

Newly installed AAFP President John Cullen, M.D., opened the 2018 Family Medicine Experience with a rousing speech about changing the health care system so FPs can do the work their patients need.

Frontier Medicine Honed AAFP President's Leadership Skills

Newly installed Academy president John Cullen, M.D., sat down with AAFP News to talk about himself, his upcoming presidential year and practicing family medicine in a remote small town.

Compassion, Faith Drive FPOY to Help Patients, Community

Will Cooke, M.D., a family physician from Austin, Ind., who took on disease outbreaks caused by injection drug use in his small rural community, has been named the AAFP's 2019 Family Physician of the Year.

Delegates Tackle Rural OB Decline, Hospitality Event

Delegates to the 2018 Congress of Delegates addressed a number of issues, including how to stem the ongoing loss of obstetrical services in rural areas and potential changes to the combined AAFP candidate hospitality event held during the COD.

FPs Flock to Domino's Annual Evidence-based Update

Frank Domino, M.D., once again drew a huge crowd to his popular presentation on updates in evidence-based medicine at the Family Medicine Experience in New Orleans.

FPs Act on Data, Credentialing, Other Hot Topics

The 2018 Congress of Delegates Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement tackled topics ranging from claims data to credentialing.

Views From 2018 COD and FMX

This page features photos, videos and other content highlighting various events that took place during the 2018 Congress of Delegates and Family Medicine Experience in New Orleans.

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