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...AAFP Innovation Lab: Reducing Documentation Burden through the use of a Digital Assistant Abstract Objective: The American Academy of Family Physicians has launched a series of Innovation Labs to identify and demonstrate technologies essential to optimizing the family medicine...

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...The Value of Family Medicine Research has consistently shown that patients have better health, higher quality of care, and lower costs when health care systems are built on a strong foundation of primary care. Now, more than ever, family physicians are making an impact as the U.S....

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...Payment Reform Na#onal advocacy must con#nue to address the need for appropriate reimbursement of primary care prac#ce as well as primary care medical educa#on. Ac#vi#es should target ways to: • Address student debt which differen#ally impacts special#es • Close the gap in...

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...75% of the salt we eat is hidden in the food we buy. Check the label and switch to less salt! #eatlesssalt World Salt Awareness Week 20-26 March 2017 To find out how to eat healthily visit Cha rit y re gi st ra tio n nu m be r: 10 98...

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