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'Country Doc' Leading Health Advocacy in Lone Star State

As he winds down his fourth decade in practice, Douglas Curran, M.D., remains a leading physician advocate in his state as president of the Texas Medical Association.

'I Am Convinced Family Medicine Is the Solution'

Watching a family member struggle with illness and access to care inspired third-year family medicine resident Kristina Dakis, M.D., to pursue a career in medicine.

'Moving the Needle' on Student Choice

Michelle Roett, M.D., M.P.H., is working on both local and national initiatives to expand the family medicine pipeline.

'Nerdy Girl' Is Star in Family Medicine

Sarah Coles, M.D., was pondering a future in music or science when her mother’s cancer diagnosis put her on a path to family medicine.

'Think Big' to Reimagine Family Medicine, Speakers Advise

For their virtual mainstage event at the 2020 National Conference, AAFP CEO/EVP Shawn Martin and Farzad Mostashari, M.D., M.P.H., talked about the future of family medicine.

"Frontier Areas," Medical Care Roles

Read AAFP's policy on medical roles in frontier areas.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

1. Assess Your Practice and Collect Baseline Data

Step 1: Assess Your Practice and Collect Baseline Data

2,500 Cash-Paying Patients and Growing -- FPM

Feb 1, 2006 - This physician is expanding his cash-only practice to keep up with demand.

Family Practice Management : Articles

2. Determine Your Goal

Step 2: Determine Your Goal

2017 Agenda for the Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement

...medical school and residency curriculum is insufficient alone to prepare physicians to 26 manage a business, and 27 28 WHEREAS, the Direct Primary Care toolkit created by the American Academy of Family 29 Physicians includes business plan supplements, salary and financial...


2017 Hurricanes, Wildfires Impact ACOs' Ability to Succeed

The AAFP has asked for changes to a CMS interim final rule regarding 2017 disasters and accountable care organization policies.

2018 Agenda of the Reference Committee on Organization and Finance

...better health, through more effective and 18 affordable care, and 19 20 WHEREAS, patient engagement activities occur at different levels - direct care interactions, 21 organizational design and governance, and policy making - on a continuum from consultation to 22 partnership and...


2018 NCCL Delegates Elect New Leaders

AAFP chapter delegates elected colleagues to fill several leadership positions at the Academy's 2018 National Conference of Constituency Leaders.

2018-2019 Influenza Vaccine Is Effective, Says CDC

On Feb. 15, the CDC released a pair of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports that offer interim information on the 2018-2019 influenza season and address this season's flu vaccine effectiveness.


...DIRECT PRIMARY CARE (DPC) STUDY DATA BRIEF 8 in 10 Practice in a Pure DPC 16% Less then one year 42% 1-3 years 42% Indefinitely Type of DPC Practice Length of time planning to operate in a Hybrid Mode 14% Hybrid 1% Concierge 5% Other Length of...

About AAFP

2019 AAFP Member Satisfaction Survey Is Coming Soon

Active AAFP and resident members will soon have an opportunity to tell the Academy what they think about being a member and what the AAFP can do to best serve the needs of members and drive the specialty forward.

2019 MIPS Data Submission Deadline Approaching Fast

Family physicians and other eligible clinicians have until March 31 to report their 2019 Merit-based Incentive Payment System data.

2019 NCCL Delegates Elect New Leaders

AAFP chapter delegates elected colleagues to fill several leadership positions at the Academy's 2019 National Conference of Constituency Leaders.

2019 NRMP Match Marks Decade of Growth for Family Medicine

The 2019 Match numbers mark a decade of year-over-year growth for family medicine, with a total of 3,848 medical students and graduates matching into the specialty -- 313 more than in 2018.

2019 Preview Includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Steven Waldren, M.D., M.S., shares some of the work the AAFP has started to ease physicians' administrative burden through the use of new and emerging technology.

2020 AAFP Commission Members

List of 2020 AAFP Commission members.

About AAFP

2020 Global Health Summit Breakouts

PDF presentations and handouts for 2020 Global Health Summit breakout sessions.

2020 Member Survey Is Your Change to Steer AAFP's Work

The AAFP's 2020 Member Satisfaction Survey was emailed on Feb. 29 to all active members who have not opted out of email surveys. There's still time for members who had opted out to receive the survey before the March 31 deadline.

2021 E/M Coding Reference Cards

Order the 2021 E/M coding reference cards to assist in the family physician's practice. Maximize payment and reduce the stress associated with audits by understanding how to properly document and code for E/M services.

2021 E/M Coding Reference Cards

Order the 2021 E/M coding reference cards to assist in the family physician's practice. Maximize payment and reduce the stress associated with audits by understanding how to properly document and code for E/M services.

2021 E/M Payment Boost Intact, Academy Reports

An AAFP summary of CMS' proposed 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule confirms that the increase in payment to family physicians announced last year is still set to begin in 2021.

2021 Leadership Directory

Leadership Directory

About AAFP

3. Implement and Test Interventions

Step 3: Implement and test interventions.

4. Measure Your Success

Step 4: Measure your success

5. Spread the Change to Others

Spread the change to others

50% Off CME

Free CME with Your AAFP Membership Renewal

50% Off CME

Free CME when you join the AAFP.

6. Sustain the Improvement Over Time

Step 6: Sustain the improvement over time

60-Second Survey Gives Insight Into Unmet Social Needs

Researchers found that a brief survey administered to patients helped identify obstacles to maintaining good health.

A Champion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

When Jennifer Edgoose, M.D., M.P.H., objected to the lack of diversity in her residency program, her department chair challenged her to do something about it. She didn't stop there.

A Familiar Voice for Family Medicine

His prolific work as a family medicine researcher has given Douglas Kamerow, M.D., M.P.H., global platforms where he can discuss important health issues.

A Feedback Tool to Improve Physician-Medical Assistant Communication -- FPM

Jun 1, 2014 - Using an evaluation form and face-to-face meetings can help get both sides of the team talking and solving problems.

Family Practice Management : Articles

A Guidebook to the Health Equity Curricular Toolkit care, organizational design and governance, and policy making to improve health and health care ● Carman Kristin L, Dardess P, Maurer M, et al. Patient and family engagement: A framework for understanding the elements and developing interventions and policies. Health...

Patient Care

A Model for Successful Rural Practice -- FPM

Mar 1, 2000 - This community-supported practice meets the needs of both the community and the physicians serving it.

Family Practice Management : Articles

A Needed Role Model and Advocate for Family Medicine

Family physician Andrea Anderson, M.D., has helped her specialty take root at a school that had lacked a family medicine presence.

A New Assembly Experience: Discussing Real Issues; Providing Real Answers

A New Assembly Experience: Discussing Real Issues; Providing Real Answers

AAFP News : AAFP Leader Voices | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

A New Future With an Old Business Model -- FPM

Feb 1, 2006 - Turning away third-party payers and requiring payment at the time of service restored this family physician's practice.

Family Practice Management : Articles

A New Model of Charitable Care: The Robin Hood Practice -- FPM

Feb 1, 2008 - This self-sustaining practice provides concierge care and indigent care in equal amounts. Here's how it works.

Family Practice Management : Articles

A Note About Clinical Preventive Service Recommendations

Read about the development of clinical preventive service recommendations, and a list of AAFP recommendations that differ from the USPSTF.

|AAFP Policies and Recommendations

A Primary Care Checklist for Medical Schools

Medical schools vary in their approach to including primary care in their overall curriculum. Use this checklist to look for programs that support family medicine.

AAFP Adds Five New 'Choosing Wisely' Recommendations

The AAFP has added five new recommendations to its Choosing Wisely list, which highlights medical tests, treatments and procedures that may be medically unnecessary and should be discussed with patients.

AAFP Adds New Livestream Platform CME Options

The AAFP is offering a new livestreaming CME format for two upcoming musculoskeletal and sports care and two adult medicine courses. Each topic will be offered in two formats: six half-day sessions during a three-day event or one 90-minute session every week for 12 weeks.

AAFP Adds Voice to Lawsuit Calling for DACA Preservation

In an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, the AAFP and 32 other medical organizations are arguing to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

AAFP Adopts New ACCME Standards

View the new ACCME Standards that AAFP has adopted and will be implemented in January 2022.

AAFP Adopts Principles for Administrative Simplification

The AAFP has released a set of principles dedicated to reducing the administrative burden on family physicians so they can spend more time caring for patients.

AAFP Advises CMS on Making Value-based Model Work for FPs

The AAFP responded to a CMS request for information with suggestions on refining one of the five new payment models the agency announced this spring.

AAFP Advises CMS on Prior Authorizations, Opioid Epidemic

The AAFP recently made recommendations to CMS on how to address specific issues with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D programs.

AAFP Advises HHS on Boosting HPV Vaccination Rates

HPV vaccination rates have improved in recent years, but the AAFP says physicians and other health care professionals in rural areas, especially, need more education about the vaccine and its benefits

AAFP Advises Lawmakers on Funding to Improve Primary Care

In written testimony to Congress, the AAFP recommended robust funding for a number of federal programs that are crucial to enhancing primary care's role in protecting health and preventing chronic illness nationwide.

AAFP Advises ONC, Continues Fight for Interoperability

The AAFP recently offered suggestions to the federal government on a draft document that lays out a plan to prioritize nationwide health IT

AAFP Advises VA on Proposed Rules to Expand Patient Access

The AAFP recently gave the Department of Veterans Affairs feedback on a proposed rule that could affect physician payment, prior authorization and scope of practice.

AAFP Advises White House on Building Robust Workforce

In a recent letter, the AAFP offered the Biden administration recommendations on strengthening the primary care workforce.

AAFP Advocacy Conferences

The AAFP hosts annual advocacy-centered events to empower its members with the most up-to-date information on our most important issues.

AAFP Advocacy Visible in Value-based Payment Legislation

In a July 24 letter, the AAFP lauded the Value in Health Care Act's support of value-based care models and accountable care organizations.

AAFP Advocacy Wins With CMS Telehealth Payment Boost

CMS announced retroactive increased payment for audio-only telemedicine that covers more services, a change the AAFP has been urging since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

AAFP Advocacy: Health Care Coverage

Learn about the AAFP's advocacy work around changes in health care coverage systems and processes, including changes to the ACA, CHIP, and more.

AAFP Advocacy: Health Care Delivery

The AAFP supports access to basic health care services for all people that improves health outcomes via patient-centered, cost-effective care.

AAFP Advocacy: Health IT

The AAFP's advocacy work around health information technology aims to improve communication between patients, family physicians, payers, and pharmacies.

AAFP Advocacy: Legal Issues

The AAFP advocates on behalf of family physicians in an increasingly complex legal environment, such as simplifying administrative burden and HIPAA.

AAFP Advocacy: Physician Payment

Stay current on Medicare payment policies, APMs, and the AAFP's work to advocate for physician payment that does not add to administrative complexity.

AAFP Advocacy: Physician Workforce

The AAFP believes primary care physicians are vital to the health of our nation, so we work to promote programs, initiatives, and funding to support it.

AAFP Advocacy: Public Health

The AAFP advocates for primary care-centered public health and preventive medicine policies.

AAFP Advocacy: Recent Family Medicine Wins

The Academy's Government Relations team is constantly fighting for family medicine and AAFP members on the Hill. Learn more about recent efforts.

AAFP Advocacy: Research

The AAFP supports emerging research initiatives in family medicine as well as primary care training and education through organizations such as AHRQ.

AAFP Advocates for State Primary Care Spending Bills

The AAFP and state chapters are championing bills that would recognize the crucial role of primary care in ensuring patients' health.

AAFP Affirms Value of New Cholesterol Management Guideline

The AAFP recently gave its "affirmation of value" designation to a cholesterol management guideline jointly developed by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association.

AAFP and Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+)

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) is an advanced primary care model built on learnings from the original CPC initiative.

AAFP Announces New Innovation Lab Collaboration

The AAFP Innovation Lab is seeking a dozen or so Academy members to evaluate a novel AI-driven point-of-care platform for primary care dubbed Navina.

AAFP Applauds ACOG Efforts to Address Maternal Mortality

AAFP Applauds ACOG Efforts to Address Maternal Mortality

AAFP Applauds Background Check Bill That Wins Swift Passage

The Academy voiced support for a House bill strengthening background checks for firearm sales, which the AAFP called "common-sense legislation."

AAFP Applauds FDA Move on E-cigarette Flavors, Menthol

The AAFP recently hailed an FDA move toward restricting the sale of most flavored e-cigarette products and banning menthol in combustible cigarettes.

AAFP Applauds Funding Package for Coronavirus Response Efforts; Urges Communication and...

AAFP Applauds Funding Package for Coronavirus Response Efforts; Urges Communication and Coordination

AAFP Applauds GME Senate Bill Aimed at Rural Shortages

The AAFP has signaled its strong support for the Rural Physician Workforce Production Act of 2019, saying it would alleviate physician shortages in rural communities.

AAFP Applauds Senate Introduction of Primary Care Patient Protection Act

AAFP Applauds Senate Introduction of Primary Care Patient Protection Act

AAFP Asks Senate to Prioritize Patient-centered Research

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute needs renewed funding so it can keep studying issues that family physicians face every day, the AAFP told senators.


View all AAFP CME audio activities.

AAFP Audits: The Why and What Webcast

This webcast talks CME providers through AAFP's CME Credit System audit process, why we conduct audits, and what to submit for audit requests.

AAFP Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education

Learn about the AAFP Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education, recognizing leadership, civic involvement and exemplary patient care.

AAFP Backs Breastfeeding, Lactation for Medical Trainees

The AAFP has updated its policy supporting breastfeeding and lactation accommodations for medical trainees, which other medical organizations plan to use as model policy for their members.

AAFP Blogs

The AAFP offers several different blogs showcasing voices representing the specialty of family medicine.

About AAFP

AAFP Board of Directors: Resident Member

Bring a resident perspective to the business of the AAFP Board of Directors and benefit from relationships with established leaders in family medicine.

AAFP Board of Directors: Student Member

Bring a student perspective to the business of the AAFP Board of Directors and benefit from relationships with established leaders in family medicine.

AAFP Breaks Down 2021 MPFS Final Rule for Members

The Academy has released its summary of the 2021 Medicare physician fee schedule final rule for members, including details of evaluation and management coding improvements.

AAFP Calls for FDA Discretion in Compounding Guidance

The AAFP and other medical organizations warned FDA officials that proposed guidance on compounded drug products could limit patient access to necessary and timely treatments.

AAFP Calls for Wide-ranging Approach to Lowering Drug Prices

The AAFP offered multiple suggestions, as well as some cautionary advice, in response to an HHS request for information on ways to lower drug prices.

AAFP Calls on HHS to Halt Proposed SUNSET Rule

In a Dec. 2 letter, the Academy called on HHS to rescind its proposed SUNSET rule, warning that it would hamper ongoing federal response to COVID-19.

AAFP Center for Diversity and Health Equity

Learn about the AAFP's Center for Diversity and Health Equity, and the impact of social determinants on health outcomes.

AAFP Chapter Health Equity Planning Grants

This project will support health equity planning by six AAFP chapters. The recipients will receive a $5,000 grant to support planning activities starting June 1, 2019 and ending May 31, 2020. Recipients will also receive technical assistance from the AAFP’s Population Health Department ...

AAFP Chronic Care Management Toolkit

Have you been hesitant to implement chronic care management (CCM) within your practice? This CCM toolkit—designed with you mind—includes easy-to-use customizable templates, resources and a step-by-step implementation process to integrate into your practice.

AAFP Chronic Pain Management Toolkit

Access exclusive tools and resources to help your patients manage pain and combat opioid abuse.

AAFP Clerkship Directory

Use the AAFP's clerkship directory to find rotations and electives in your state.

AAFP Clinical Preventive Services Recommendations

Access information on the AAFP's review of Clinical Preventive Services Recommendations developed by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).

|AAFP Policies and Recommendations

AAFP CME by Month

View all AAFP CME activities by month.

AAFP CME by Topic

Search for AAFP CME activities by topic.

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