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Caring for Me Is Caring for You: The Power of Self-Care and Personal Transformation -- FPM

Apr 1, 2020 - Want to see change in your team, your organization, or beyond? Start by filling your own tank.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Is This Some Kind of Joke? Understanding and Using Humor in the Clinical Setting -- FPM

Apr 1, 2020 - The wrong joke at the wrong time can shatter the doctor-patient relationship, but humor used wisely has health benefits and strengthens bonds in stressful situations.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Panel Size Is Just a Number: A Rubric for Opening and Closing Panels -- FPM

Apr 1, 2020 - Deciding whether primary care doctors have the capacity to take on more patients requires accounting for things like productivity, as well as panel size.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Coding & Documentation - Mar-Apr 2020 -- FPM

Apr 1, 2020 - New code for vaping-related illness | Ultrasound services in the office | Autism screening | Does your documentation need codes or modifiers?

Family Practice Management : Coding & Documentation

Looking Beyond Diagnostic Criteria -- FPM

Apr 1, 2020 - The power of family medicine is seeing patients as more than just signs and symptoms.

Family Practice Management : The Last Word

On Baby Pictures and Empty Nests -- FPM

Apr 1, 2020 - Sharing life transitions is both a challenge and a joy of long-standing patient relationships.

Family Practice Management : From the Editor

Practice Pearls - Mar-Apr 2020 -- FPM

Apr 1, 2020 - Make office redesign a collaborative project | Designate a vaccine update expert | Handle disability exams with empathy and practicality

Family Practice Management : Practice Pearls

Three federal telehealth rules that no longer apply during the COVID-19 pandemic

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is waiving a number of telehealth rules during the COVID-19 public health emergency to encourage physicians to evaluate and treat patients remotely, when possible.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Medicare expanding accelerated and advance payments due to COVID-19

The payments are typically offered during natural disasters. During the COVID-19 public health emergency, CMS is expanding the program for all Medicare providers and suppliers throughout the country.

Family Practice Management : FPM

How to leave coronavirus behind when you come home

Providing patient care during the pandemic means you and your family are at risk for exposure. Here's how to limit the risk as you return home at the end of your workday.

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FPM OHP Full Access

Get full access, plus a print copy, to FPM journal.

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The parking lot visit: how it works

In an effort to minimize patient and staff exposure to infectious pathogens (such as COVID-19), some clinics are conducting parts or the entirety of the encounter in the parking lot or even in the patient's car.

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Institutional Subscriptions

Get information about institutional subscription rates for FPM journal, including tiers and pricing for online and print access.

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Subscription Terms Policies

Get information about subscription terms and policies for American Family Physician and FPM journal.

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Subscription Management

Manage your subscription to FPM, the AAFP's editorially independent, peer-reviewed practice enhancement journal.

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When can recovering COVID-19 patients leave isolation, and do they need return-to-work ...

As the COVID-19 outbreaks continues, more physicians may be fielding calls from recovering patients who want to know when they can return to daily activities, including work.

Family Practice Management : FPM

A virtual visit algorithm: how to differentiate and code telehealth visits, e-visits, ...

There are three options for providing virtual visits: telehealth visits, e-visits, and virtual check-ins. Here's how to tell them apart, and how to code for them.

Family Practice Management : FPM

CMS offers data reporting relief in response to COVID-19

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has extended the deadline to submit 2019 performance data for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System due to COVID-19.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Patient triage, scheduling, and rooming: three ways to adapt your workflows for COVID-19

As increasing numbers of patients contact physicians’ offices to report symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory infection, practices need to adapt their workflows to minimize exposure. Here are three recommended changes.

Family Practice Management : FPM

How to tell policymakers what you need to fight COVID-19

Telling state or federal representatives what’s going on in your practices can not only make them better informed, it can also help ward off feelings of helplessness.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Making self-care a priority, even now

Now more than ever, physicians need to be practicing self-care so they can continue to care for others. Here are four things you can do — but just pick one.

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Your Solution for Primary Care Engagement

Advertisement rates, policies, and opportunities for the AAFP's FPM journal

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FPM subscription offers

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FPM journal peer reviewer panel

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How to joke around at the office without getting in trouble

Laughter has proven health benefits and helps doctors bond with colleagues and patients. But the wrong joke at the wrong time can land a physician in hot water.

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