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Three tips for being present

When demands and distractions intrude on your patient encounters, practice these three tips for being fully present.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Why family physicians should not just be physicians

Beware of physician roles that focus predominantly on outpatient visits and separate physicians from most organizational innovation and strategy, as well as the colleagues, staff, and communities they serve.

Family Practice Management : FPM

A three-step guide to coding for multiple skin procedures in a single visit

Follow these three steps to bill correctly, avoid denials, and make sure you’re not leaving revenue on the table when you perform skin biopsies and lesion removals.

Family Practice Management : FPM

What a waiting room liaison can do for your office

An existing staff member might be able to take on these duties to keep your waiting room clean and running smoothly.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Medicare webinar on glucose supplies scheduled for Feb. 11

The webinar will include guidelines for coverage along with the information patients and suppliers need from physicians.

Family Practice Management : FPM

A simple way to build trust with young patients

Doing this one thing during a visit can get pediatric appointments off to a good start by showing kids you care about them and respect them.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Social Media for Doctors: Taking Professional and Patient Engagement to the Next Level ...

Feb 1, 2020 - Some of the top family physicians on social media share their best practices for building a following and avoiding common pitfalls.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Coding & Documentation - Jan-Feb 2020 -- FPM

Feb 1, 2020 - Vaping-related illness | Billing Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries | Electrocardiogram recorded by a Holter monitor | Lung function tests

Family Practice Management : Coding & Documentation

The 2020 Medicare Documentation, Coding, and Payment Update -- FPM

Feb 1, 2020 - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is trying to make Medicare documentation less burdensome and planning more changes that should result in a pay raise for family physicians in the future.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Physician Well-Being: Prioritizing Your Own Health Through a Personal Health ...

Feb 1, 2020 - You can’t take care of others optimally unless you first take care of yourself. Start today.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Improving the Waiting Room Experience -- FPM

Feb 1, 2020 - Adding a touch of tech, a dose of education, and plenty of creature comforts to your waiting room can make it more palatable for patients.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Primary Care First: Practice Assessment Checklist -- FPM

Feb 1, 2020 - Starting in 2021, PCF will be open to primary care clinicians practicing in 26 participating states and regions. Use this checklist to assess your practice’s readiness to participate in PCF, including care delivery capabilities, data infrastructure, and potential financial impact.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Goal-Setting Theory for the New Year -- FPM

Feb 1, 2020 - Research points to four factors that will help make your goals more effective.

Family Practice Management : From the Editor

Why Family Physicians Should Not "Just" Be Family Physicians: Rethinking Roles in ...

Feb 1, 2020 - In some settings, the cause of burnout isn’t having too much work - it’s having the wrong type of work.

Family Practice Management : Opinion

Practice Pearls - Jan-Feb 2020 -- FPM

Feb 1, 2020 - Navigate patients’ anxiety about pelvic exams | Ask older patients these questions to assess dementia risk | Tell patients up front how much time you have

Family Practice Management : Practice Pearls

Listening to the Little Voice Inside -- FPM

Feb 1, 2020 - That nagging little voice can sometimes save you from a medical mistake, so don’t ignore it.

Family Practice Management : The Last Word

Thank You, FPM Peer Reviewers (2019) -- FPM

Feb 1, 2020 - We would like to thank the following peer reviewers for their valuable contributions to FPM during 2019.

Family Practice Management : From the Editor

Five ways to stop making excuses and start practicing self-care

You cannot effectively take care of others or sustain a career in medicine unless you take care of yourself. Here are five ways to start.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Team documentation: who does what during the visit?

Team documentation can boost physician efficiency, but which tasks should you delegate and which tasks should you keep?

Family Practice Management : FPM

One thing every physician can do to help change health policy

Physicians, who see firsthand the effects poor health policy can have on a community, can be a powerful voice to help bring about change. Here’s how.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Six ways to make your practice more efficient and your patients more satisfied

Tips for making sure patient phone calls are returned, appointment scheduling is user-friendly, insurance changes have been logged, and more.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Screening for childhood trauma history

Several screening tools can help you identify patients whose health may be affected by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Family Practice Management : FPM

CMS testing diagnostic imaging referrals program in preparation for mandate

The Appropriate Use Criteria program will require an extra step before ordering advanced imaging starting in 2021, unless it's repealed.

Family Practice Management : FPM

New codes for responding to portal messages

The 2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule update includes new payment opportunities for addressing medical needs through an online patient portal.

Family Practice Management : FPM

Four things to focus on as you set new goals for the new year

Four evidence-based factors can guide you to goals that are attainable and sustainable, but also challenging and meaningful.

Family Practice Management : FPM

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