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Title VII of the Public Health Service Act

The AAFP calls on Congress to protect and increase funding for the Title VII program, as it is a key component in building the family physician workforce.

Health Equity

The AAFP fights for efforts to promote health equity and health equality.

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

Investment in the primary care workforce is vital, so the AAFP seeks to preserve funding for GME residency programs in family medicine.

Injury Prevention and Violence

Primary care providers play a crucial role in responding to safety and violence concerns. The AAFP shares policies relevant to the care of these situations.

Prescription Drug Issues

The AAFP recognizes the significant problems prescription drug issues present and works to combat this public health concern.

Vaccines and Immunizations

The AAFP supports affordable access to vaccinations and immunizations, which are invaluable for keeping patients healthy across the lifespan.

Women’s Health

The AAFP advocates for affordable access to important wellness and preventive health care for women.

AAFP Advocacy: Research

The AAFP supports emerging research initiatives in family medicine as well as primary care training and education through organizations such as AHRQ.

AAFP State Advocacy: Backgrounders

Use the AAFP Center for State Policy’s backgrounder library to learn about state-based advocacy issues.

Advocacy and Government

AAFP News' Advocacy and Government stories focus on the Academy's advocacy in Washington, D.C., and at the state level, health policy and legislation, funding for health programs and related issues.

Finding a Mentor

A strong mentorship can mean the different between success and failure in medical school. Discover how to find the right mentor for you.

Administrative Simplification

Reducing administrative burden is a critical step in protecting the overall well-being of family physicians and reducing the cost of health care.

Patient Privacy (HIPAA)

Information on HIPAA from the AAFP, including regulations around patient privacy and how the AAFP is monitoring the impact on primary care.

Preventive Health

The AAFP supports efforts to promote wellness and preventive public health care.

Guiding Principles for Global Health Service Learning Programs

Understand recommended, family-medicine oriented training and guidelines for global health service learning programs.

FPs Tackle Primary Care Spending, Other Weighty Topics

The 2018 AAFP Congress of Delegates' Reference Committee on Advocacy considered a number of resolutions important to family physicians and their patients, including primary care spending and single payer options.

ZDoggMD: Primary Care Key to Fixing Broken Health Care System

During a main-stage presentation at the Family Medicine Experience, Zubin Damania, M.D. -- known to fans of his comedic and musical talents as ZDoggMD -- used a mock patient visit with Winnie-the-Pooh to illustrate what's wrong with health care.

Specialty's Breadth Drew Resident Leader to Family Medicine

Anna Askari, M.D., M.S.B.S., volunteered in free clinics for nine years as a college and medical student. The array of skills displayed by her family medicine mentors made her specialty choice an easy one.

Caring for Immigrants at the Border and on Capitol Hill

Claudia Mercado, M.D., treated thousands of asylum-seekers this summer in Laredo, Texas, and more are on the way. Now she's taking her message to Washington, D.C.

Resident's Fitness Focus Set Her on Family Medicine Course

During her quest to become an elite athlete, Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, M.D., M.S., recognized the importance of prevention, healthy lifestyles and, ultimately, family medicine.

A Needed Role Model and Advocate for Family Medicine

Family physician Andrea Anderson, M.D., has helped her specialty take root at a school that had lacked a family medicine presence.

AAFP Pushes CMS to Clear 'Safe Harbors' in Stark Law

The AAFP told CMS in a recent letter how the agency could change self-referral rules that unduly burden physicians who adopt innovative payment models.

AAFP to HHS: Let Physicians Transform Their Practices

In response to a request for information, the AAFP urged HHS' Office of Inspector General to confirm that any new CMS action would "allow for physician collaboration and partnerships to improve care delivery and appropriate beneficiary incentives."

New Academic Mentorship MIG Already 95 Members Strong

The AAFP Board of Directors recently approved a new member interest group to help family physicians spotlight academic medicine as a vibrant career choice.

Academy Adds Obstetrics Member Interest Group

A new AAFP member interest group on obstetrics aims to help family physicians integrate comprehensive, evidence-based maternity health care into their practices.

New MIG Focuses on Climate Change, Environmental Health

A new AAFP member interest group is designed to increase family physicians' understanding of and action on climate change and its health harms.

AAFP Taps Veteran Family Medicine Advocate as Next CEO/EVP

AAFP Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Shawn Martin was introduced March 11 as the successor to retiring Academy CEO and EVP Douglas Henley, M.D.

Time Is Right for 24-hour Primary Care Clinics

J. Stefan Walker, M.D., writes that family medicine clinics could provide better care, lower costs and greater physician satisfaction by using a 24-hour model.

Family Physician Finds Antidote to Burnout in Innovation

The AAFP's Alliance for e-Health Innovation is accepting applications for its Primary Care Innovation Fellowship. The 2017 fellow, Joey Nichols, M.D., says innovation projects help him avoid burnout.

Transitional Care Management Boosts Outcomes, Satisfaction

Marc Price, D.O., writes that embracing transitional care management gave his practice a modest boost in revenue, better outcomes, and significant improvements in patient and staff satisfaction.

Medical Learner Safety and Wellness During Pandemic Crisis

Read AAFP's policy on Medical Learner Safety and Wellness During Pandemic Crisis.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Payment, Physician

Read the AAFP's position on the physician's responsibility to devise a reliable payment system.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

The AAFP supports the ACO model, and promotes benchmarks, information systems, and payment regulations that protect both patients and family physicians.

Telehealth and Telemedicine

Follow the AAFP's work on developing payment policies that support the exchange of medical info from one site to another through electronic communications.


The AAFP affirms the need for effective transparency laws, but advocates for a process that avoids expensive and complicated administration for physicians.

Tobacco and Nicotine Use

The AAFP advocates for the prevention and treatment of tobacco and nicotine addiction, including the use of e-cigarettes.

Environmental Concerns in Public Health

The AAFP serves as both a resource and an advocate on behalf of family physicians and patients regarding environmental risks and existing hazards.

Obesity Prevention and Treatment

The AAFP advocates for health care policies that address and aim to treat the significant health impact of obesity.

Scope of Practice

The AAFP believes family physicians are uniquely qualified to lead coordinated care teams of allied health professionals in providing care for patients.

Staff and Editors

Get to know the staff members and editors for FP Essentials, a monthly family medicine monograph produced by the AAFP.

| FP Essentials

Accountable Care Organizations

Learn about accountable care organizations and how they empower physicians to manage quality care for patients.

Commission on Quality and Practice (CQP)

Commission on Quality and Practice (CQP)

About AAFP

Direct Contracting with Businesses by Family Physicians (Discussion Paper)

Read AAFP's discussion paper on direct contracting with businesses by family physicians.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Continuity and Coordination of Care Long-Term Care Facilities

Read about AAFP's position on continuity and coordination of care in long-term care facilities.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

FMIG Family Medicine Programming Ideas

Find ways to promote the Family Medicine specialty from previous FMIG Program of Excellence Award winners.

Medical Liability

The AAFP supports medical liability reform of regulation that continue to have a negative impact on the cost of health care for patients and physicians.


The AAFP fights on behalf of the speciality of family medicine and its members at the federal and state levels.

About Us- The AAFP

All about the AAFP, its members, and its mission.

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Resources from Sponsors

These resources are developed and provided AAFP sponsors and may be of interest to our members.

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Privacy Policy

AAFP's website collects various data types to provide information to the company for use while protecting the privacy of its members and customers.

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