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    Strolling Through the Match 2022-2023

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    About Strolling Through the Match

    With practical tips and expert advice to lean on every step of the way, Strolling Through the Match has been helping students for decades in the dash to match.

    As a comprehensive guide to the match, this booklet provides reliable insight on professional development for all osteopathic and allopathic med students, guidance on choosing a specialty, and a deep look into the process of choosing and matching into a family medicine residency.

    Each year, Strolling Through the Match is updated with the latest statistics and information to ensure students have everything they need to successfully navigate the journey to residency.

    • How to use signaling, past experience, and geographic preference in residency applications
    • Side-by-side comparison of residency training experiences in the primary care specialties
    • Match statistics and strategies for successful match into family medicine
    • Events and conferences with residency fairs
    • Interview question lists on a variety of subjects
    • Guidance for international medical graduates
    • Tips on interviewing and writing CVs and personal statements
    • Residency selection steps and program evaluation advice
    • Real stories from students who have matched into family medicine
    • Virtual interview advice
    • Updated statistics on the SOAP

    NEW THIS YEAR: ERAS updates as well as the new residency requirements for 2023!

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