• Funding Options for Medical School

    Create Your Strategy for Medical School Costs

    While medical school is a large financial investment in your future, you have many options to help cover the costs. Typically, medical students will use a mixture of loans and scholarship opportunities to finance medical school. Loan forgiveness programs are also popular.

    You should determine what mix of programs best fit your needs and develop a strategy that fits your financial circumstances today and in the future.

    Medical School Loans

    Loans are a reality for most medical students because they make it possible to pay for medical school and help cover the cost of living.

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    Medical School Loan Forgiveness Programs

    Loan forgiveness and/or repayment programs are sponsored by national, state, and local governments, as well as some private organizations. Physicians who enter these programs typically are recruited to practice in designated health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) after residency.

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    Medical School Scholarships and Funding Programs

    There are many opportunities for medical students to receive special funding support, and medical school scholarships can be applied to a wide range of costs, from tuition to travel.

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