• Real Talk with Family Docs: Career Event Series

    Find out what it’s really like to be a family physician from panelists across the country who are opening up to students about why they chose their career and what their daily lives are like.

    A family physician does a wellness check on a toddler

    This November and December, medical students can explore the full spectrum of possibilities in family medicine at Real Talk with Family Docs. 

    About this Series

    • Real Talk with Family Docs is a series of five live virtual events that runs November 9 through December 14. 
    • Each week, students who register for an event will have the opportunity to rotate through small breakout discussion rooms hosted by family physicians, speed-dating style. 
    • Events are organized by geographic region, and students can come to as many as they like, no matter where they live. 
    • Students can ask family physicians questions in small breakout rooms to learn why family medicine might be the best career option for them.

    How to Register

    Registration is required for each event. You can join as many events as you would like. Events are organized by geographic region, and family physician guests will reflect the opportunities to make family medicine whatever you want to be no matter where you want to live. Click any button below to register for an event. 

    Get Your Questions Ready

    Questions you might want to ask at an interactive event like Real Talk with Family Docs include the following, which are also published in Strolling Through the Match, a complete guide to pursuing a family medicine residency that's published for free by the AAFP:

    • What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your job?
    • What are you excited about for the future of family medicine? What are you concerned about?
    • What drew you to the specialty?
    • What makes a good day in family medicine great?
    • How did your training prepare you for what you have done in your career?
    • How did you decide to do a fellowship?
    • How did you choose your job?