Lean Into Your Passion

    Grow professionally, and make lifelong friends who share your passion for family medicine and primary care along the way. As an FMIG leader you will:

    • Extend your personal network as you plan events and programs at your medical school and in your community.
    • Share your excitement about family medicine with students who are exploring specialties.
    • Be inspired by family physicians' scope of practice in your community.
    • Capture the interest of residency directors seeking leaders for their programs.
    • Take a deeper dive into topics that matter to primary care, like nutrition and social determinants of health.

    Local Activities with a National Network of Support

    The AAFP established the National Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network in 1995 to aid communication and the exchange of best practices between FMIG students and faculty leaders across the country. The network consists of student FMIG leaders and campus-based faculty, five appointed Regional Coordinators, one elected National Coordinator, a liaison to the Latino Medical Student Association, and a liaison to the Student National Medical Association. These coordinators serve as consultants to and resources for FMIGs.

    The FMIG Network: Catch the Vision, Secure the Mission

    You've already caught the family medicine fever. Now go out and help grow the family medicine workforce. Through the national FMIG Network, draw your peers and young people just approaching the starting gate into this exciting specialty. Show them why they should pursue a career in family medicine. 


    Build a robust workforce of compassionate, committed, and highly qualified family physicians who care for and improve the health of all.


    Develop the family medicine workforce and advance the specialty of family medicine by strengthening current and aspiring medical students through the FMIG Network across the country, therefore empowering U.S. medical students to be prepared for and choose to pursue a career in family medicine.