• Family Medicine Clerkship Flash Drive Request Instructions

    The American Academy of Family Physicians and its premier clinical journal, American Family Physician (AFP), are pleased to offer a USB drive of resources to aid students in their clinical rotations. AFP has a long history of providing relevant, informative, and up to date evidence-based information for physicians, residents, and medical students.

    Faculty and medical school staff can order flash drives for their students for free by emailing Student Initiatives Strategist Keshia McAfee. In your request, please state how many flash drives you need and provide your title at the medical school and a mailing address.

    What's included on a clerkship flash drive?

    Each USB is loaded with a portal to the AFP journal AFP by Topic resource. Students can browse common topics in medicine and quickly find relevant articles. With their free AAFP membership, students have complete access to all journal content.

    The USB also provides plenty of space for you or your clerkship director to add important school-based materials or other study resources that are relevant to the clerkship experience.