• Student Membership Ambassador Form

    Grow student interest in family medicine on your campus by becoming an AAFP/FMIG Student Membership Ambassador.

    FMIG Incentives:

    Your FMIG will receive the following rewards by increasing AAFP student membership on your campus.

    Number of New AAFP Student Applications FMIG Receives
    25 $25
    50 $50
    75 $75
    100 $100
    150 $150

    Student Incentives:

    Student Membership Ambassadors will receive a $25 gift card each time their FMIG earns an incentive.

    Incentives are awarded by trimester:

    • May–August
    • September–December
    • January–April

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Be an AAFP student member.
    • Complete the FMIG Student Membership Ambassador application.
    • Receive an acceptance email from the AAFP, acknowledging your approval as the AAFP Student Membership Ambassador for your FMIG.