• Primary Care Leadership Collaborative

    Primary Care Leadership Collaborative

    Training the Next Generation of Champions for Family Medicine

    Please note applications to the PCLC Program are currently closed.

    Transform Passion into Action

    The Primary Care Leadership Collaborative (PCLC) is a leadership program designed for medical students in family medicine interest groups who are passionate about advancing primary care and improving the health of their communities.

    Student teams who are accepted to the PCLC learn how to take their leadership to the next level through skill-building workshops and long-term, team-based coaching support, then use what they learn to design and take action on a community project.

    Driving Change through Relational Leadership

    Something is missing from many of today’s leadership approaches: an emphasis on the people involved. But collaboration among people who share common interests and values—regardless of their professional backgrounds or specific goals—is a powerful starting point for change.

    Relational Leadership, a framework that emphasizes creating authentic, meaningful connections through relationship building and community organizing, is at the core of what students learn in the PCLC. Intend Health Strategies, the PCLC's partner organization, specializes in this leadership model and brings valuable expertise to the initiative. Through their support, participants in the PCLC learn essential Relational Leadership skills.

    Hear from past participants about achieving change.

    How the Program Works

    Benefits of Joining the PCLC

    • Receive Career Development: Build your skills as a leader, learn new organizational skills, and get practice and coaching on how to become a more effective communicator.
    • Build Relationships with Purpose: Connect with inspiring and motivated medical students and get to know family physicians who are excited to mentor and support you.
    • Make a Difference: Use your voice to make a difference for your school and your community, and lead a project that will have a positive impact for years to come.

    PCLC History

    In 2017, the AAFP, Intend Health Strategies, and Family Medicine for America’s Health launched the PCLC to train medical students involved in family medicine student interest groups to turn their passion for primary care into action. Thirteen student teams from allopathic and osteopathic medical schools and their faculty advisors participated in the collaborative’s two-year pilot with a team of Intend Health-trained family physician coaches.

    The PCLC continues beyond this pilot under the direction of the AAFP, with training support provided by Intend Health Strategies, and coaching services donated by a team of dedicated AAFP members.