• Family Medicine Resident

    Enhance your residency experience with the latest medical news, expert advice, and tools to help you prepare for a career in family medicine.

    Plan Your Career

    Develop leadership skills

    AAFP Student Leaders at AMA House of Delegates

    Get involved in leadership

    Leadership opportunities for residents include national roles within the AAFP

    Family Physicians as Leaders in the Medical Field

    Livestream exclusive with Raj Woolever, MD, on key leadership traits and skills

    Livestream exclusive with Bechara Choucair, MD, on service and career

    Land your best job

    Explore family medicine job opportunities

    Job search database offering resources and one-on-one support

    Young Businessman Interviewing Male Candidate In Office

    Find an employment lawyer

    Web article with questions and tips to help you find the right employment legal counsel

    Review your employment contract

    Web article with contract key terms, what to look for, and a yes-no checklist

    How to negotiate your employment contract

    Web article and video with tips, member input, and resources to help you negotiate

    Negotiating your first contract | livestream

    Lawyer Ericka Adler, JD, answers resident questions and shares contract tips

    Residency wrap-up and employment checklist

    Web article and member-exclusive transition-to-practice checklist

    How to write a CV

    Web article with CV formatting tips and example headings for your employment resume

    Enhance your education

    Fellowship opportunities search

    Fellowship directory searchable by training area, location, program type, community setting, and duration

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    Plan your electives

    Web article with questions to ask yourself as you rotate through different practice types during your electives

    Build Your Clinical Expertise

    Read American Family Physician journal

    Top-rated medical journal with clinical summary articles, algorithms, and more

    Listen to AFP podcast

    Five-star clinical podcast co-hosted by family medicine residents

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    Patient care collection

    Resources including AAFP guidelines and recommendations across topics in family medicine

    Personalize Your Toolkit to Address Health Inequities

    Livestream exlcusive with Anita Ravi, MD, on addressing social determinants

    Care for Your Well-being

    Coaching videos: Resident playlist

    Video collection with coaching on life and practice challenges that affect your well-being

    Physician Health First®

    Web articles, videos, and features on achieving well-being as a physician

    AAFP Physician Health and Well-being Conference

    Event and scholarship opportunity to improve your well-being

    Study for Your Board Exam

    How to Make a Plan to Prepare for Your Board Exam

    Web article with strategies and resources to prepare for your board exam

    Board Review Study Resources

    Learning courses that include interactive self-study options, live courses, and more

    Free Board Review Question Bank

    Member-only practice question bank to prepare for the ABFM FMCE

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