• Residency Wrap-up Checklist

    As you prepare for graduation from residency, there are many things you must get done in order to meet residency requirements and also to launch the next stage of your career. Start with this list, and then check with your program director, program coordinator, and others to see what you've missed.

    Looking for a Job

    Make this a priority. One resource for career opportunities is the AAFP CareerLink. Narrow down your choices by choosing the practice model that best fits your goals, lifestyle, and interests.

    Knowlege is Power

    Arm yourself with real data specifically for family physicians—including compensation, benefits, and job satisfaction details—as you make future career decisions. Use our family medicine career benchmark dashboard, available for free to AAFP members, and know your worth.

    Negotiating Your Contract

    Seek advice from faculty or other practicing physicians whom you trust, as well as from appropriate legal providers. An error at this step can be costly in many ways. More about negotiating contracts.

    Staying on Track for Graduation

    Have you met all the residency program's requirements, including, but not limited to, patient numbers, deliveries, and completion of quality improvement and scholarly work? Check with your faculty advisor and residency coordinator to be sure you're not forgetting anything.      

    Preparing for the ABFM Board Exam 

    Have you met the requirements that make you eligible to sit for the exam? Completion of fifty (50) MC-FP points is required, including:

    • At least one (1) Part II Module (SAM)
    • One (1) Part IV Module (PPM or approved alternative)
    • One (1) additional module of your choice (Part II or Part IV)

     Now is the time to prepare for the exam. Explore AAFP Board Review Resources.

    Getting Your Credentials in Order

    You will face a deluge of paperwork which may include licensure, applications for privileges, signing up with Medicare, Medicaid, and various insurance providers. Be sure your curriculum vitae is up to date and you have documentation of clinical procedures and experiences. Take the documentation with you when you leave your residency program.

    Getting Ready to Relocate

    If you're certain of your plans to move, you will soon want to take steps toward selling and/or buying a house. Are moving expenses included in your new employment contract? Do you have a spouse or children who will be seeking new jobs or transferring to new schools? Your new practice partners may be able to help.

    Moving to a new state? Check out the requirements for state licensure right away. It can take months to get a license application approved in a new state.