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"As We See It" uses messages from AAFP leadership, editorials and other opinion pieces to update you on Academy advocacy and other key topics, often including "inside story" information to help you better understand the Academy's actions. From time to time, individual AAFP members may be invited to share their views on issues via guest opinions. As We See It online also is the home for letters to the editor.

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Recent "As We See It" Stories

07/22/2014 — The importance of mentoring can be clearly seen in the fact that if we expose students -- in high school or college -- to the broad scope of family medicine and show them the relationships we develop with our patients, they will understand and value what we do. And some, no doubt, will follow.

07/21/2014 — Most physicians will be sued for malpractice at least once. But when you're a new physician and it happens to you, how do you keep it from shaking your confidence in -- or your passion about -- your work?

07/17/2014 — It has been nearly three years since the AAFP launched the Leader Voices Blog to improve communication between Academy leaders and members. The blog has covered a lot of territory since then, and although readership numbers have remained steady, the online conversation has grown quiet. We're still listening; won't you tell us what you think?