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Regional Meetings Offer AAFP Chapters Chance to Share, Learn, Lead

April 23, 2014 10:22 pm — You might already know that each fall, the AAFP's State Legislative Conference offers a national venue for family physicians, constituent chapter leaders and staff to come together to discuss state health policy issues and share best practices for tackling legislative challenges. And during the Annual Leadership Forum each spring -- the 2014 meeting convenes next week, actually -- chapter executives and staff from across the nation gather for leadership training and to trade advocacy tips and other insights with their counterparts in other states. But what you may not know is that you might be able to find this same sort of interaction -- albeit it on a smaller scale -- within your own region.

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04/18/2014 — Today I had a busy day with a full schedule of patients. I struggled to chart my patients' complex histories in an electronic health record that has given me none of the efficiencies it promised. I lost my lunch break to an administrative meeting, leaving me no time to get caught up from a hectic morning. I filled out prior authorization forms for medications that a patient has already been on for six months. I completed more forms and insurance paperwork than I care to remember and bemoaned the low reimbursement we are being paid for our visits.

04/17/2014 — I grew up in a town of 40,000 people. In the region where southwest Missouri meets southeastern Kansas and northeast Oklahoma, that passes for a metropolis. During my time at nursing school and later during my first year of medical school in Kansas City, it never occurred to me that I might wind up in a small, rural practice. I hadn't grown up in a rural area, and the possibility of moving to one wasn't on my radar.

04/16/2014 — I've lived my whole life in Indiana. My children -- like the three generations before them -- grew up here as well. Those children, now adults, still live near us here in Indianapolis. My education and training -- from Ball State University to the Indiana University School of Medicine and the family medicine residency at Community Health Network -- all happened in the Hoosier State.