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"As We See It" uses messages from AAFP leadership, editorials and other opinion pieces to update you on Academy advocacy and other key topics, often including "inside story" information to help you better understand the Academy's actions. From time to time, individual AAFP members may be invited to share their views on issues via guest opinions. As We See It online also is the home for letters to the editor.

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Recent "As We See It" Stories

03/24/2015 — During her first winter at a rural practice in Appalachia, Kimberly Becher, M.D., learned that if her patients could not brave treacherous roads to reach her, she would have to go to them.

03/18/2015 — Nearly one-third of U.S. adults ages 50 to 75 years aren't getting screened as recommended for colorectal cancer. Many unscreened patients say they never received a recommendation for screening from a physician.

03/18/2015 — Surveys have shown that a large percentage of health care workers don't clean their stethoscopes between patients, although data indicate they should.

03/16/2015 — Too many Americans don't understand the importance or value of primary care. Health is Primary, which kicks off its nationwide city tour this week in Seattle, aims to change that.

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