• Frequently Asked Questions

    How does someone participate in the Congress of Delegates?

    Any AAFP member can attend the Congress of Delegates and provide testimony at reference committee hearings. Only delegates can speak from the floor of Congress during a debate. Delegates and alternates are identified by the constituent chapter or special constituency they represent.

    How does someone become an AAFP Board member?

    Any AAFP active member is eligible to serve on the AAFP Board of Directors as an at-large director. Constituent chapters submit nominations to the Congress of Delegates for voting at the annual Congress meeting.

    How does someone become AAFP President?

    After service on the AAFP Board of Directors, and typically in the third year of an at-large directorship, board members can declare their intention to run for the president-elect position. Constituent chapters support the candidacy for this election, and delegates of the Congress of Delegates constitute the voters.

    Where can I find the AAFP policy on a specific topic?

    The AAFP Governance Information Center is a platform to search for AAFP policies, actions taken by the AAFP Board of Directors and Congress of Delegates, along with resolutions considered by the NCCL, NCFMR, and NCSM. 

    How does someone become an AAFP commission member?

    All AAFP active members are eligible to self-nominate for commission positions. The nomination cycle launches on July 15 and closes on October 15 each year. Those interested are encouraged to work with their constituent chapter to help facilitate the nomination process. Constituent chapters are asked to complete a reference form once a member applies for a position. The AAFP Board of Directors considers all completed applications at their December board meeting, and announcements are made before December 15. Terms for commission members run from December 15 through December 14 of the following year.