• Additional Opportunities

    The AAFP has a myriad of additional opportunities for volunteer leaders to engage beyond the governance structure.

    FamMedPAC Advisory Committee

    FamMedPAC is the AAFP’s federal political action committee, which advocates for family physicians and their patients in Washington, DC by helping to elect congressional candidates who support the AAFP’s legislative goals and objectives. The PAC ensures that Congress hears our message and keeps the Academy strongly positioned to fight for family medicine.

    Meet the members of the FamMedPAC Advisory Committee.

    Key Contacts Program

    The AAFP Key Contacts program empowers members to become civic and political advocates. The Key Contacts program is designed to promote advocacy through member engagement, ongoing education, and creating opportunities to engage with elected officials on legislative and policy issues that affect family physicians' practices, patients, and communities. Capitalizing on the relationships AAFP members have with senators and representatives at the federal level, the Key Contacts program complements the formal lobbying efforts of the AAFP Government Affairs Department. Key Contact program members participate in the following regular activities.

    • Build, maintain, and enhance relationships with members of Congress and their staff.
    • Communicate AAFP legislative and policy priorities.
    • Participate in advocacy events such as FMAS.
    • Respond to Speak Outs/advocacy calls to action.
    • Participate in ongoing advocacy training.
    • Contribute to FamMedPAC and encourage others to support PAC activity.
    • Deliver FamMedPAC contributions/notify elected official of political contribution.
    • Report advocacy activity so it can be leveraged by AAFP Government Affairs staff.

    Learn more about the program.

    AAFP Foundation Board of Trustees

    The AAFP Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the AAFP supporting programs each year aimed at improving the health of all people and advancing the practice of family medicine.

    The AAFP Foundation Board of Trustees is responsible for maintaining a proper balance among the interests of AAFP members, Foundation staff, and the general public. The Board of Trustees is responsible and accountable to the organization’s donors, constituents, and the community at large.

    AAFP Delegation to the American Medical Association

    Based on guidelines established by the American Medical Association (AMA), the AAFP has a delegation of family physicians to represent the interests of family medicine. The delegation members attend the AMA House of Delegates and interim AMA House of Delegates annually. The AAFP Delegation works to engage with other members of the AMA House on issues of importance, including supporting and endorsing family physician candidates for various AMA leadership roles.

    Learn more about becoming involved with the AAFP AMA Delegation.

    AAFP Nominees to the American Board of Family Medicine

    The AAFP submits up to five family physician member nominees for consideration by the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) for appointment to a 5-year term on their Board of Directors. Candidates must be Board-certified and remain so throughout their tenure on the ABFM Board. If appointed to the ABFM Board, the member represents the interests of the ABFM, not the AAFP.

    Learn more about becoming a nominee.