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Free Download provided by Quest Diagnostics

Eight rheumatic diseases with one blood draw

Information provided by Quest Diagnostics

Screen and diagnose patients with suspected rheumatic autoimmune disease with one blood draw. One blood draw may make it faster and easier to evaluate eight of the most common rheumatic diseases, which may lead to an earlier diagnosis. Early diagnosis may help patients begin therapy sooner, potentially preventing or delaying further damage, e.g., to joints.

Free webinar provided by National Dairy Council

Can dairy contribute to health and sustainable food systems?

Information provided by National Dairy Council

Find out how the dairy community helps nourish people, animals and the planet by watching this National Dairy Council free, pre-recorded webinar. Frank Mitloehner, PhD; Katie Brown, EdD, RDN; and Juan Tricarico, PhD, will explain how dairy foods contribute to health and sustainable food systems on this webinar for health and wellness professionals.

Information provided by Novo Nordisk

Should you be thinking differently about obesity?

Information provided by Novo Nordisk

Obesity is now recognized as a chronic, progressive disease. Managing it requires a multimodal approach, based on your patient’s BMI (kg/m2). In addition to recommending healthy eating, physical activity, and behavioral therapy, you have pharmacological options that work via several broad physiological methods. Visit to learn more.

New webinar program offers topics in HIV prevention

New webinar program offers topics in HIV prevention

Information provided by Gilead Sciences, Inc.

To promote awareness and education of HIV prevention measures, Gilead has launched a live webinar program where you can interact with HIV prevention experts with knowledge and background in primary care practice. These experts will be discussing topics that include information on identifying patients at risk of HIV, taking effective sexual histories, learning about an HIV prevention option, and implementing HIV prevention in the clinic.

Free Webinar provided by Quest Diagnostics

Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases

Information provided by Quest Diagnostics

Get information on diagnosis of autoimmune rheumatic diseases, including the importance of laboratory testing for autoantibodies and how antibody panels can help you rule in or rule out common autoimmune diseases.

Free Webinar provided by Quest Diagnostics

Poppy Seeds and Interpreting Opiates Drug Testing

Information provided by Quest Diagnostics

A free webinar from Quest Diagnostics that discusses poppy seeds as a dietary product and their impact on drug test results.

Free Webinar provided by Quest Diagnostics

Easily Connect Patients to Diabetes Prevention Programs

Information provided by Solera Health, Inc

You already know the simple facts. Prediabetes afflicts almost 34% of adults (84.1 million Americans) and 90% of people at high-risk for diabetes are unaware that they have the condition. The statistics are staggering. The best prevention programs combine what you can do in the clinical setting with strong support for lifestyle changes. Getting patients in the right program and ensuring follow-through is difficult—often cumbersome for you and your staff and sometimes confusing for patients. Solera provides tools that make the referral easy, sends you relevant program feedback and engages patients with right-time, right-program solutions.

Chart from Nature Made

It's likely that many of your patients may experience drug-nutrient depletions and interactions caused by common prescription drugs. Download the "Common Drug Classes, Drug-Nutrient Depletions, & Drug-Nutrient Interactions" booklet as a reference guide today.

Free Webinar provided by Quest Diagnostics

Interpreting Opiates Drug Testing

Free webinar provided by Quest Diagnostics

Provides an overview of the fundamentals and limitations of presumptive and definitive drug testing methods, and reviews interpretation of test results for evaluation of drug compliance and abstinence.

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