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Submit one or more applications by September 22.


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Jeana Higginbottom
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The following information will guide you through the submission form step by step. You may print this information to use as you craft your submission.

Faculty Contact Information

After you enter your AAFP ID number, your personal contact information will automatically be pre-populated in the application form. If you do not have an AAFP ID, you will have the opportunity to create an account. Please update displayed contact information.

Content Category & Topic

All proposal topics are grouped by category. Select the appropriate category, then select the topic that correlates to your proposal application.

Preference will be given to those who submit on multiple topics.

Live Meeting Activity

Corresponding live courses and FMX dates and locations where the topic will be taught are displayed. Many topics are offered at one or more live courses, and at FMX. Ideally, a candidate will be able to teach at every live meeting indicated. The proposal form allows you to indicate your availability. Submission on multiple topics is encouraged.

If you are unable to teach at both the live course and at FMX, you may submit a proposal to teach as a team with one or more other faculty. For example, you and another faculty would co-develop the content, but one of you would teach at the live course, while the other would teach at FMX.

Preference will be given to those who are able to teach at every live meeting indicated.


The form will allow you to indicate whether you are teaching independently, or if you are proposing to teach with co-faculty.


Provide a title for your proposal no more than 80 characters including spaces.


Provide an overall description of the problem you are addressing.

Direct Bearing on Patient Care

Provide a description regarding how this education has a direct bearing on patient care, or how it supports the physician’s role in patient care, or how it has a direct bearing on a physician’s ability to deliver patient care.

Area of Patient Care

Identify one or more areas of focus (e.g. screening, treatment, etc.)

Practice Gaps and Learning Objectives

The proposal form will guide you through the process of identifying practice gaps that the learning objectives are intended to address. View Guidelines for Learning Objectives(2 page PDF).

Recommended Practice Changes

All AAFP faculty are expected to challenge learners to implement three recommended practice changes. Key takeaways for the session should be summarized on the Practice Recommendations slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

ACGME Core Competency

According to the American Board of Medical Specialties and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the core competencies are knowledge, abilities, or the expertise that contribute to a physician’s overall ability to function at the highest level possible in order to meet the needs of his patients and the expectations of the medical profession. Select one or more appropriate core competencies:

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Medical knowledge
  • Patient Care
  • Practice-based learning and improvement
  • Professionalism
  • Systems-based practice

Osteopathic Medicine Relevance

As appropriate, the AAFP is interested in incorporating osteopathic medicine principles into education developed for both MDs and DOs. These principles emphasize the interrelated unity of all systems in the body, each working with the other to heal in times of illness.

Additional Formats

For most topics, the baseline expectation is that you can proficiently develop and teach a 45-minute didactic lecture with 15-minutes of Q&A. The proposal form will allow you to submit optional formats for consideration. Note: if you are proposing a Clinical Procedural Workshop (CPW), as indicated in the topic listing, the baseline expectation is that you can proficiently teach a hands-on workshop. Additionally, the AAFP is moving toward a flipped-classroom model for CPWs; please include your prior experience with teaching a flipped-classroom format in your description. Be prepared to briefly describe your plan to teach a hands-on procedural workshop and provide a list of needed equipment and/or materials.

Teaching Expertise

Describe your prior teaching experience related to the topic of this proposal, including dates, type of audience, size, and evaluation scores.

File Upload

You will be prompted to upload relevant files (i.e. bio, CV, professional photo).

Recording Acknowledgement

Acknowledgment that your presentation may be recorded.

Certification of Completion of COI

Verify that you have completed a recent conflict of interest form.

Conflict of Interest Form

The applicant must read the CME Policy and Procedures for Full Disclosure and Identification and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest and submit the CME Conflict of Interest Disclosure form (Option 1). The applicant must completely and accurately disclose all financial relationships he/she has had in the 12 months prior to the form completion date and will have 12 months into the foreseeable future with a commercial interest. Should the status change during the course of the application process or the activity, the conflict of interest (COI) disclosure form should be updated as appropriate COI forms must be completed or updated in order for submissions to be reviewed.

Having a financial relationship does not preclude an individual from presenting. If any financial relationship is determined to be a potential conflict of interest as it relates to the topic(s) submitted for the CME activity, the applicant will be notified, and a resolution will be discussed. For individuals with a conflict of interest, a resolution strategy must be in place prior to confirmation of the individual’s participation and all conflicts must be appropriately resolved prior to the activity being delivered to learners.

All conflicts of interest (as determined by the AAFP) or lack therefore, must be disclosed to learners, and AAFP staff will include that information in the PowerPoint presentation to be verbally noted by the presenter at the beginning of the session. Any individual who refuses to disclose a conflict of interest will be disqualified from presenting.

The AAFP complies with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education’s (ACCME’s) Standards for Commercial Support, the American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) ethics policies, and other laws, regulations, and codes that pertain to conflicts of interest. All faculty are required to read and comply with the AAFP’s CME COI policy. Noncompliance will result in honorarium penalties and one-year probation from a faculty appointment.

The live courses and Family Medicine Experience are CME activities with AAFP and AMA credit. All sessions must comply with AAFP, AMA and ACCME rules and; therefore, must be educational in nature. If you have a financial interest, such as a book or a mobile app, it is permissible to mention only if it is educational in nature and done so in a fair and balanced manner.  Promotional messages of any kind are prohibited in CME.

Additional Teaching Opportunities

Indicate your interest in being contacted by the AAFP regarding teaching opportunities that may arise outside of the context of this proposal.

All sections of the application must be completed prior to submission. You may save and return to your application to complete it before submitting. 

Submit Proposal

Submit one or more applications by September 22.


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Jeana Higginbottom
(913) 906-6209