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Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) provider and instructor courses are administered in 62 countries, helping health care providers throughout the world develop and maintain the knowledge and skills they need to effectively manage potential emergencies during the perinatal period.

The AAFP holds a license agreement with many countries. Before planning to implement the ALSO or BLSO programs in a specific country, please contact the ALSO staff to determine if the program is under a license agreement and to find the appropriate contact for the country.

International Programs

Global ALSO

The GLOBAL ALSO program is an addendum to the ALSO program and was was created as a result of the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) program expanding internationally. The current curriculum has been modified for the epidemiological, medical, technological, pedagogical, and cultural contexts where ALSO is taught. The five leading causes of maternal mortality in the world are: hemorrhage (25%), infection (15%), unsafe abortion (13%), eclampsia (12%), and obstructed labor (8%). 

The Global ALSO program is available for purchase.

Included on the GLOBAL ALSO CD-ROM:

  • Instructions about introduction of ALSO courses to new regions using the teach the teacher model
  • Addenda to each of the chapters in the main syllabus to give them an international context and addressing issues relevant to developing countries that are not covered in the existing chapters
  • New chapters addressing important clinical issues not covered in the main syllabus
  • Recommendations for how midwives, doctors and other skilled birth attendants (SBAs) can best interact with traditional birth attendants (TBAs) to develop clinical protocols and to create teamwork within the nation’s health care system
  • Teacher training and resources for working with TBAs who may have limited literacy

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