• Residency Leadership Summit 2025

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    Call for Proposals

    Share your knowledge! Proposals are being accepted now through Friday, August 9, 2024 for the Residency Leadership Summit, March 25-27, 2025 in Kansas City, MO.

    Workshop Information

    The RLS Planning Committee is seeking educational programming that will improve work and personal satisfaction in residency for program directors, faculty, residents, and administrators.  Workshops will focus on the following content tracks:

    • Accreditation requirements
    • ACGME survey results
    • Advocating for program resources
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Disaster Preparedness
    • Faculty time requirements
    • GME funding
    • Learning networks
    • Program finances
    • Program data management
    • Program evaluation committee
    • Program quality improvement
    • Starting a new program
    • Unionization


    • Coaching skills
    • Faculty development
    • Leadership development
    • New Program Directors
    • PD and Coordinator relationships
    • Program Coordinators (new and seasoned)
    • TAGME
    • Wellness for PDs, Coordinators and Faculty, addressing burnout


    • Community involvement
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Electives and ILPs
    • Osteopathic principles and skills
    • Population health
    • Professional identity formation
    • Professionalism
    • Resident leadership development
    • Scholarly activity
    • Specific curricular challenge areas: care of children/older adults/people with disabilities, behavioral medicine
    • Reproductive health education 
    • Resident and teacher
    • Teaching advocacy
    • Teaching Point of Care Ultrasound
    • Teaching procedures
    • Underserved and rural settings
    • Wellbeing


    • Age distributions
    • Clinic staffing
    • Continuity requirements
    • Floor plans and office flow
    • Panel size
    • Patient advisory committees
    • Patient safety and quality improvement
    • Payment models
    • Practice management
    • Practice metrics
    • Team-based care


    • Assessment and feedback
    • Assessment tools
    • Clinical Competency Committee
    • CMBE evaluation skills/assessment skills
    • Competency based medical evaluation
    • Individual Learning Plans
    • Master adaptive learning
    • Milestone, EPA and Outcomes assessment
    • Resident coaching
    • Working with the struggling learning
    • Applications, interviews, and ranking
    • Attracting applicants
    • ECFMG and Visa issues
    • ERAS
    • Holistic review
    • NRMP
    • Orientation and initial resident evaluation
    • Recruitment website information
    • SOAP

    How to Submit a Proposal

    Log in to the AAFP proposal submission website.

    • Members may log in using their AAFP ID. Not a member? Call (800) 274-2237 or create an AAFP account to obtain the required credentials to submit an application. Login credentials may take one week to process; please plan accordingly as late applications will not be accepted.

    Enter proposal information. You may save and return to continue your proposal at any time until the August 9 deadline.

    • Submit a proposal for a workshop or innovation showcase presentation.
    • Anyone in family medicine residency education including program directors, associate program directors, faculty, administrators and coordinators, nurses, and other team members can submit proposals.

    Speaker Expectations

    • All presentations will be delivered in a live, in-person setting between Tuesday, March 25 and Thursday, March 27.
    • Each workshop may have a maximum of three (3) presenters (co-presenters can be removed, but additional co-presenters cannot be added after submission).
    • All speakers are required to register and pay the registration fee to attend the Summit as well as cover all travel expenses.
    • No changes are allowed to the presentation slides once the final version has been submitted by February 21, 2025.

    Expected Timeline

    Proposals will be accepted between now and Friday, August 9, 2024.

    Late September 2024

    • Proposal notifications sent.

    February 21, 2025

    • Workshop presentation due.
    • Innovation Showcase slides due.

    CME Requirements

    • All presentations must address needs-based topics, be supported by evidence, encourage professional practice changes by attendees, and have a direct bearing on patient care.
    • Conflict of Interest Disclosure must be completed by all presenters at the time the proposal is submitted.
    • A financial relationship disclosure does NOT prevent a proposal from being selected, but the conflicts may need to be mitigated.

    Selection Process

    • The Planning Committee, comprised of your peers, selects sessions to create a well-rounded Summit.
    • The Committee looks for solution-focused presentations that combine evidence, best practices and/or case studies, and details of implementation that will improve work and personal satisfaction in residency for program directors, faculty, residents, and administrators.  
    • If selected, all presenters are responsible for their own travel, hotel, and registration arrangements. Honorariums are not available. Registration will open in November.


    • All presentations will be a total of 60 minutes in length.
    • All presentations will be presented live during the event.
    • The total number of presenters for each session should not exceed three (3).

    Innovation Showcase

    • This is a rapid-fire presentation of residency program innovations followed by a Q&A period.
    • Each presenter will have five minutes to describe the innovation.
    • The presenter will be allowed two slides for the presentation.