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    Keep Engaging Federal Policymakers on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    On March 27, the President signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

    The law allocates $2 trillion for financial relief to small businesses, to support health care workers, to get medical supplies to the front lines, to fund research for treatments and vaccines, and to stimulate the U.S. economy.

    The legislation earmarks $100 billion for hospitals and physicians, and HHS has announced the immediate disbursement of the first $30 billion of the CARES Act's $100 billion.

    Find out how the money is being distributed, who is eligible, and next steps »

    Ways to Get Involved

    Visit your member of Congress’ webpage to receive updates
    Find your elected official and visit their webpage to sign up for email alerts.

    Add your voice with Speak Out
    Use our Speak Out tool to send a message to Congress urging them to provide financial assistance to family physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Participate in a town hall
    Many Members of Congress will be holding virtual town halls and are eager to hear from constituents but especially medical professionals. Consider attending and using these talking points developed for AAFP members to raise your concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on family physicians and your patients. To learn about these opportunities, visit your member of Congress’ webpage and sign up for email alerts.

    Follow and engage with elected officials and public health leaders on social media
    Policymakers are increasingly sharing local updates via social media. We urge you to use this as a resource for important updates. Consider following:

    Recent Communications from the AAFP Government Relations Team on COVID-19

    • June 8 – Joint letter urging Congress to support primary care during COVID-19 recovery
    • June 9  – Joint letter in support of COVID-19 liability reforms
    • June 9, 10 – Joint letter to Congress and AAFP letter to House Ways and Means Committee on COVID-19 and maternal health disparities
    • June 24 – Joint letter opposing scope of practice expansion to non-health care providers during COVID-19
    • June 25 – Joint letter to Senate supprorting the Ensuring Access to Primary Care for Women and Children's Act and joint letter to Congress on the Provider Relief Fund
    • July 8 –  AAFP letter to HHS on Health System Resilience and to the Senate HELP Committee on Pandemic Planning RFI
    • July 9 – AAFP letter to NAIC on continuation of telehealth flexibilities
    • July 13 – AAFP letter to CMS on continuing telehealth flexibilities
    • July 16 – Joint letter to DHS supporting the release of children and parents from detention centers
    • July 22 – AAFP letter in support of the Telehealth Expansion Act
    • July 23 – Joint letters to Congress supporting the Helping MOMS Act and urging THCGME reauthorization as part of the next COVID-19 package
    • June 1 – Joint letter to Congress on COVID-19 priorities
    • September 3 – Joint letter to VP on CDC changes regarding COVID-19 testing
    • September 17 – Joint letter to FDA on COVID-19 vaccine approval process
    • September 23 – Joint letter to Sen. Smith on Community Immunity During COVID-19 Act
    • October 20– Joint statement from E/M Coalition on 2021 MPFS implementation
    • October 22 – Joint letter on equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine
    • October 28 – AAFP letter in support of Small Business PPE Tax Credit Act

    Stay updated on state policy

    Governors are:

    • requiring insurers to waive copays and other out-of-pocket expenses for COVID-19 testing;
    • establishing special enrollment periods for state-based exchanges; and 
    • changing Medicaid policies to allow for reimbursement on home visits, virtual consultations, and allowing higher quantity pharmacy refills to limit visits.

    To learn more about what’s happening in your state, view our COVID-19 tracker.

    For any questions regarding state advocacy during the COVID-19 pandemic contact the Center for State Policy or your Chapter Executive.

    Be a resource

    Policymakers want to hear from you!

    They are currently organizing forums to better understand how to address our nation’s health care needs. Please call or email your representative and offer to be a resource on health care issues.

    For more information, to go Congress.gov and AAFP Speak Out.

    Want to share your account of what is occurring in your community or practice?

    Email us at policy@aafp.org. This should not be a substitute for engaging in AAFP’s COVID Rapid Response Member Exchange or reaching out to your legislators.

    Tap into the AAFP’s member resources
    The AAFP will continue sharing up-to-the minute updates on organizational activities.