• Adolescent and Young Adult Health

    Adolescents and young adults require a special approach as they begin making their own health decisions, but still have parents involved in their care. Ninety percent of adolescents and young adults received care from their family physician in the past two years. Of these patients, 50% of adolescents and 33% of young adults said they felt their parents' presence might affect their comfort level or change the outcome.

    You have a strong influence on the health of adolescents and young adults. It’s important your patients understand they can discuss sensitive issues such as vaping, suicide, substance abuse, obesity and sexual health during confidential, one-on-one clinical visits that won't be shared with their parents. Consider how you’ll talk with parents to help them understand the importance of these discussions.

    It’s also critical that adolescents and young adults learn the importance of preventive health care such as well visits, immunizations and mental health, and how to advocate for themselves as they transition to adulthood. AAFP’s clinical resources are designed to support you in caring for your adolescent and young adult patients.

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