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    Watch the COVID-19 vaccine web page for developments and advocacy efforts.  

    According to the CDC, vaccinations will prevent more than 21 million hospitalizations and 730,000 deaths among children born in the last 20 years.1 For every $1 invested in vaccines, an estimated $10.20 is saved in direct medical costs.2 But more patient education is needed to improve vaccination rates. The AAFP offers resources to help you care for your patients from birth to advanced age. These include current immunization schedules, clinical recommendations, patient education resources and information on vaccine-preventable diseases.

    Vaccine Information

    In August 2021, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices made several minor updates to its General Best Practice Guidelines for Immunization. The updates provide clinicians with the latest guidance and address concerns patients may have about vaccines. Read more in ACIP Revises Immunization Best Practice Guidelines.

    2022 Immunization Schedules

    Influenza Vaccine Information

    Disease- and Population-Specific Immunizations


    Addressing Vaccine Concerns & Misinformation

    We continue tapping into AAFP members who are passionate about vaccines to emphasize the critical role vaccines play in keeping communities healthy and why it's not always about hesitation. Misinformation is a key contributor, as outlined in Survey Finds COVID-19 Misinformation Continues to Spread.

    In late October 2021, the Vaccine Science Fellows released a new report, Surveying the Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Public Confidence in Vaccines and Vaccine Messengers. This summary examines vaccine confidence before and since the onset of the pandemic. 

     Additional Resources

    Patient Vaccine Education - in 50 Seconds

    This short video supports your patient conversations about getting vaccinated. It explains that vaccines are extremely safe and why it's important to health at all stages of life.

    They can read more in the Vaccines: Myth Versus Fact article.