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    Creating a Community of Immunity

    Vaccines have prevented more than 29 million hospitalizations and 1 million deaths for U.S. children born in the last 25 years.* But vaccine misinformation is a threat to public health. Higher hesitancy and lower vaccination rates may lead to potentially deadly disease outbreaks. 

    AAFP supports your efforts to get patients vaccinated at any age.  

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    For Patient Care

    A Conversation About the
    2023 Respiratory Illness Season

    Respiratory season isn’t coming — it’s already here.

    Learn how to protect your patients against influenza, COVID-19 and RSV in this webinar featuring discussions between AAFP Senior Vice President Julie Wood, M.D., M.P.H., FAAFP, and CDC experts.

    Respiratory Illness

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    Vaccines in Pregnancy

    Additional Vaccine Resources

    • Toolkit: Vaccines 4 Teens: Your team can customize to educate parents/guardians and teen patients.
    • Audio: Healthy Immunity is a two-part series with AAFP Vaccine Science fellows. (Download AAFP App)

    For Patient Conversations

    Vaccines are the best way to protect against potentially deadly diseases. But many patient still have questions when its time to get vaccinated. A project in collaboration with Pfizer can help you with those difficult conversations. Each piece was authored by an AAFP member.  

    Fact Sheets

    Other Resources

    These tools are developed in collaboration with Pfizer, Inc.

    Vaccine Call to Action Statement

    The AAFP has partnered with Pfizer to develop materials for family physicians to use at the point of care. These materials are intended to build vaccine confidence, provide accurate vaccination information and provide recommendations and guidance on routine vaccination.

    To achieve the goals of this initiative, the AAFP recommends:

    • Vaccinating all age groups, per the CDC recommendations, regardless of economic and insurance status,
    • Vaccinating patients during routine well/annual health check- ups,
    • Educating physicians and healthcare teams about CDC-recommended vaccinations,
    • Addressing misinformation and myths about vaccinations, and
    • Implementing evidence-based interventions to improve vaccination rates.

    Patient Vaccine Education - in 50 Seconds

    This short video explains that vaccines are extremely safe and important at all stages. Patients can read more in the Vaccines: Myth Versus Fact article.

    Familydoctor.org by the AAFP offers patient-friendly health advice from trusted family physicians. Health articles can support your patient conversations and help them feel more informed, and at ease, about any physical or mental health issue they’re experiencing. All articles are based on the latest medical evidence. 

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