• AAFP Coding Reference Cards: Preventive Services Codes

    18071095-DPA Prevent 250x285

    Member: $25
    Nonmember: $59

    The preventive services coding reference card supports physicians and practice team members in appropriately coding and documenting preventive services commonly performed by family physicians. The cards explain how to navigate the uncertainties surrounding insurance coverage. Each set includes five desk reference and five pocket-sized cards laminated for durability. The cards include information on the following:

    • Differentiating coverage guidelines
    • Codes, descriptions, considerations, and frequency of coverage for:
      • Initial preventive physical exam/welcome to Medicare
      • Annual wellness visit
      • 12-lead screening electrocardiogram
      • Preventive medicine services
      • Preventive medicine counseling and/or risk factor reduction
      • Smoking and tobacco cessation counseling
      • Alcohol misuse screening and counseling
      • Depression screening
      • Diabetes screening
      • Advance care planning
    • Medicare carve-out services