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    Family Medicine Compensation and Career Satisfaction Benchmark Dashboard

    Imagine arming yourself with real data—including salary, benefits, and job satisfaction—specifically for family physicians. That's exactly the information you'll get from an innovative career benchmark dashboard that the AAFP is launching on December 15, 2023.


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    What Is a Career Benchmark Dashboard?

    The family medicine career benchmark dashboard will be a first-of-its-kind tool for the specialty. It will provide comprehensive compensation and job satisfaction data for free. AAFP members will be able to use this dashboard to see how their income, benefits, career satisfaction, and more compare to peers in similar roles by state. 

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    Why does family medicine need a career benchmark dashboard?

    New family physicians need support.

    Knowing what to expect from early career jobs can protect you from burnout and give you confidence to demand compensation equal to the value you provide.

    Too many family physicians are underpaid.

    Pay transparency is a tool for uncovering bias and discrimination in compensation. The completed benchmark dashboard will allow you to filter by gender, race, geographic location, and more.

    Salary isn’t the only factor that matters.

    An ideal job should offer more than a high salary. Family physicians need to be able to see how different roles and settings might affect their well-being or benefits offered.

    Family physicians must understand their worth.

    No other specialty treats a broader range of conditions than family physicians. You save more lives than any other specialty, and keep your patients’ health care costs down by providing continuous, relationship-based, and comprehensive care.

    All family physicians should benefit from new payment policies.

    The AAFP has advocated to Congress, Medicare, and insurance companies for payment changes that benefit many family physicians, however, employed family physicians often must advocate for themselves to benefit from these advances. This dashboard will equip members with the information they need to negotiate improved compensation.

    Nothing like this dashboard exists.

    There currently is no comprehensive career benchmarking tool for family physicians to compare salary, benefits, and work environment. Transparency is key to making informed career decisions and successful salary and contract negotiations.

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    Dashboard FAQs

    A member-only link to the final dashboard will published on this page on December 15, 2023. 

    The dashboard collected anonymous information from over 7,000 family physicians about:

    • Geographic location
    • Demographics
    • Professional roles, practice setting, and workforce experience
    • Pre-tax salary and bonus
    • Benefits and Paid Time Off
    • Scheduling
    • Burnout

    This information was collected in 2023.

    The dashboard is only available to AAFP members, who can access it anytime free of charge.

    Not an AAFP member? Join now.

    Once you log in to view the dashboard, you'll see an overview screen with national averages for salary, satisfaction, and benefits. 

    To filter any of the information on the screen, choose expand and select one or more filters to narrow the data.

    Please note: a privacy screen will prevent certain filters from being applied if there is not a wide enough sample of data available.

    Use the data in the dashboard to help you see how your current compensation stacks up, or to assess a new job offer. You can filter by location, practice type, and more to get the most accurate comparision for your situation. 

    The AAFP has resources on negotiation that can help you ask for what you're worth. If you find that you are being underpaid or want to seek improvements to your current work arragenement, prepare to make the ask: