Jun 1999

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Think Twice Before Assuming Risk for Pharmacy Costs

A Part-Time Practice Success Story

Developing a Successful Medical Group

The FPM Authors Guide

Putting 'Life' Back Into Your Professional Life


Editor's Page

Do You Smell Smoke?
Robert L. Edsall


Big Business and Bad Medicine
Thomas S. Duncan

Getting Paid

Improve Your Bottom Line With Patient Account Reps
Jack Valancy

Improving Patient Care

Improve Quality by Understanding Your Care Process
Louis Pol ; Amy Risch Rodie ; Benjamin F. Crabtree


Is Your Performance Data Online Yet?
David C. Kibbe

Surveys Find More Physicians Online
Amy J. Bennett

Salaried FP

Evaluating Bonuses and Incentives: The Basics
Kent J. Moore

Balancing Act

Still in Harmony: Karl Singer, MD
Jennifer S. Bush


Favorite Covers

Locum Tenens

Voice Recognition Software

Beeper Paging Systems

Coding & Documentation

Finding the Right Fracture Code ... ... And Determining What It CoversHome Health Care PaperworkCoding for Emergency ServicesCodes for a Family-Member VisitSeparate Same-Day ServicesCoding for Blood Glucose Testing


Collective Bargaining Advances in Texas, IllinoisPublic Confidence in Medicine Continues to RiseSeniors Not Receiving Covered Preventive ServicesOpposition to Use of Hospitalists GrowsMedPartners Continues Exit From PPM BusinessFDA Seeks to Reduce Accidental Drug Deaths


Getting Paid for Administrative WorkConfidentiality of DiagnosesOffice Manager Salaries

Practice Diary

The Disgruntled PatientStaying VisibleNo-ShowsAn ED Alternative

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