Nov-Dec 2001

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The Ins and Outs of "Incident-To" Reimbursement

What the HIPAA Transaction and Code Set Standards Will Mean for Your Practice

Nine Steps to a Strategic Marketing Plan


Editor's Page

Doing the Right Things: Eliminating Errors from Practice
Robert L. Edsall

Getting Paid

Four Medicare Myths Exposed
Kent J. Moore

Improving Patient Care

A Tool for Safely Treating Chronic Pain
Peter G. Teichman

Balancing Act

Keeping a Survival Journal
Virginia Mohl ; Lucille Marchand


Family Doctor's Role in Pain Management

A New Direction

An Alternative Financing Model

PAs Offer Help, Not Hindrance

Raise Reimbursement, Raise Student Interest

Practice What They Teach?


Coding & Documentation

Medical Decision Making RequirementsSigning Off on Incident-To ServicesImmunization CodesCoding an Outpatient Hospice VisitPhysician VenipunctureAwaiting Nursing Home Placement


FPs Call for Change After Families Experience Suboptimal CareClinical Guidelines Need UpdatingProtecting Patients' InformationMystery PatientsDemand for FPs SteadyDon't Mess With TexasCredentialing Made EasierLamictal 25 mg or Lamisil 250 mg?Don't Ask the ExpertHIPAA Tramples the ConstitutionMedicare ReliefComputerized by 2003


Write-Offs for FPsAppropriate StaffingClosed to New Medicaid Patients

Practice Diary

Stress ReactionNetworkingDoctor Cars

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