Jul-Aug 2002

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Prescription Writing to Maximize Patient Safety

Reducing Risks for Patients Receiving Warfarin

Four Principles for Better Test-Result Tracking


Editor's Page

What's Wrong With This Practice?
Robert L. Edsall


Can We Avoid Errors in Family Practice?
Marc L. Rivo

Getting Paid

An Easy Way to Analyze E/M Coding for Group Practices
Reed Tinsley

Improving Patient Care

The Power of Two: Improving Patient Safety Through Better Physician-Patient Communication
Greg Meyer ; Louise Arnheim

Patient Education

20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors
Greg Meyer ; Louise Arnheim

Balancing Act

When Medical Errors Hit Home
Deborah McPherson

Coding & Documentation

ER Procedures and AdmissionBilling for Nursing Home WorkRemoving a Nuchal Lipoma


When Patients Request Their RecordsReasonable Bad DebtIncluding the Correct Diagnosis on a Claim

Practice Diary

If It Walks Like a DuckStatements and Stickers


AAFP Establishes Patient Safety CenterTwo Patient Safety Bills Introduced in CongressDocumentation Guidelines: A Thing of the Past?

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