Jul-Aug 2003

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Encounter Forms for Better Preventive Visits

Practical Evidence-Based Internet Resources

How to Make Your Meetings More Productive

The KISS Principle in Family Practice: Keep It Simple and Systematic


Getting Paid

Best Practices in Claims Processing
Leigh Ann Backer

Improving Patient Care

I Do House Calls!
Samantha Pozner

Balancing Act

Eight Principles for Stronger Relationships
J. LeBron McBride


E/M Coding: Everything Old is New Again

Keeping Hospitals Afloat

Physicians Must Take Charge

Simplifying With Stamps

Reducing Risk With Consultations

Coding & Documentation

Observation Status and ConsultationsCoding the Treatment of DepressionMedicare Certification and RecertificationVenipunctureReimbursement for a Surgical TrayCPT Code for Semen AnalysisPaperwork CodesCounseling CodesUrine Sample & 99211


Physicians Lobby to Stop More Medicare Payment CutsClinical Support Staff SalariesSolutions Proposed to Ease Malpractice Insurance CrisisEncourage Patients to Ask Three Questions


Vacation CoverageDisability InsuranceDiscouraging No-Shows

Practice Diary

Is the Customer Always Right?Unprofessional Conduct

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