Mar 2005

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Should You Treat Yourself, Family or Friends?

What You Need To Know About the Prescription Drug Act

Answers to Your Questions About Same-Day Scheduling


Editor's Page

Open Access: Nothing This Good Can Be Easy
Robert L. Edsall


Establishing Rules of the Road for Pharmaceutical Representatives
Jason Evans

Getting Paid

The Value of a Coding Education
John Rowe ; Blake Fagan ; David Mouw ; Dottie King ; Kelly Christianson

Improving Patient Care

A Tool for Evaluating Patients with a Knee Injury
Mark H. Ebell


How to Cure a Bad Case of Fax-o-rrhea
Tripp Bradd

Balancing Act

How to Become A Defensive Filer
Anna K. Cox-Havron


MOC Triggers Resignation

MOC Implementation Unfair

Grace Period Could Make MOC Less Time-Demanding

Days Too Short for MOC

Enough Is Enough

Asthma Days Worth Further Chronicling

Conflict of Interest.

EHR Vendor Rating Tool

Coding & Documentation

Coding Forms CompletionAn Office Visit With Multiple ProceduresVenipuncture on a Medicare PatientCoding a Pre-Operative, Consultative ExamTrigger-point InjectionsInterpreting Diagnostic TestsCritical-care Transport"Reviewing" vs. "Interpreting" an X-Ray


Physicians' Quality Report Cards to Go PublicMedicare Pay-for-Performance Demo Under WayHealth Care Professionals Unlikely to Address Colleagues' ErrorsPhysicians Sue Health Plan Over Fee Reduction


Semi-retirement Within a Productivity-based GroupSalary Comparison ResourcesAppointment of Counsel

Practice Diary

Vitamin VA Transcription Error

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