Apr 2005

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Ten Steps to HIPAA Security Compliance

What a Medical Assistant Can Do for Your Practice

Encouraging News About Family Physician Recruitment

Making Every Minute Count: Tools to Improve Office Efficiency


Editor's Page

The Match and the Future of Family Medicine
Robert L. Edsall


The Ethics of Alternative Medicine: An Alternative Standard?
James L. Glazer

Getting Paid

How to Conduct a "Welcome to Medicare" Visit
Randall O. Card

Improving Patient Care

Keys to Improving Your Listening Skills
Marie E. Brittin


Free Medical Applications for Your PDA
Tim Ferenchick

Balancing Act

Having It All, a Little at a Time
Carla Jardim


Observations on MOC

MOC Signals End of the Road

Bigger Is Better

Older Is Wiser

Is It OK to Treat Your Kids?

Coding & Documentation

Appropriate Use of 99050Biopsy vs. ExcisionMultiple Re-evaluations and Therapies in One Visit


Match Day 2005: Family Medicine Gains Positions, Loses U.S. SeniorsStudy Explores Link Between Physician Supply and Mortality RatesPatients Want E-mail Access to Physicians But Don't Want to PaySmall Practices Report Success With EHRs


Choosing the Right Legal StructureSetting Up a New PracticeHow to Build More Maternity Care Into Your Practice

Practice Diary

Great ToysJury DutyDNR

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