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Thursday Dec 12, 2019

A quick tip for last-minute gynecologic exams

Unplanned Pap smears and other gynecologic exams are valuable services but can be a speed bump for clinics. When these needs emerge, it can impede an office's efficiency as the physician or staff members have to scramble to collect the necessary supplies. To minimize this, David S. Garcia, MD, FAAFP, and Heaven Harvey write in Practice Pearls how their practice developed “Pap bundles,” which can be quickly obtained and contain all the tools and supplies needed to provide a Pap smear.

“Our medical assistants (MAs) create these bundles, wrapping each one in a sheet and taping it closed to seal the components inside,” they write. “They label each bundle with their initials and an expiration date that corresponds to the items in the bundle that will expire the soonest, such as the formaldehyde container or gonococcus/chlamydia swabs, and store them in a central location. When a bundle is needed, the MA grabs one and completes the exam setup in less than a minute, reducing waiting time and frustration for everyone involved.”

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Posted at 08:00PM Dec 12, 2019 by FPM Editors

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