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Thursday Nov 15, 2018

Four prescribing apps to improve your medication decisions

Making prescription decisions quickly at the point of care can be complicated given the number of options, potential side effects, and possible interactions. Many physicians are turning to mobile prescription applications for help, but which ones are worth considering? Here are four apps that topped the list when reviewed by family physician David Rebedew, MD.

1. Medscape provides data on more than 8,000 medications and 7,600 diseases or conditions.

2. UpToDate can check up to 50 medications simultaneously for interactions and details treatment for overdoses.

3. Drugs.com lets patients record their medications, check symptoms, and perform phonetic searches for medications.

4. Epocrates lists national and regional health insurance formularies and provides safety and monitoring parameters.

Read the full FPM article: “Six Mobile Apps to Make Prescribing Easier.”

Posted at 05:00PM Nov 15, 2018 by FPM Editors

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