• Reinstate Membership or Rejoin

    Reinstating your membership

    When you are reinstated as an AAFP member, there is no gap in your years of membership and you will retain your original date of enrollment. This is important if you:

    • Are interested in applying for the AAFP’s Degree of Fellow, which requires that applicants have at least six years of membership.
    • Hope to become a Life member, which requires a minimum of 25 years Active membership with the most recent 5 years prior to election to Life being continuous.


    • All outstanding dues must be paid in full for the years when your membership was lapsed.
    • You must report sufficient CME to be reelected for all reelection cycles that would have occurred while your membership was lapsed. This condition only applies if your member type was Active or Supporting FP when your membership lapsed.

    Ready to reinstate your membership? Please call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237.

    Rejoining the AAFP

    When you rejoin the AAFP, you are given a new enrollment date, as if you are a new member. You do not receive credit for your previous years of membership.


    • Apply for a new membership by submitting a new member application. Please allow us two business days to process your application.
    • Pay the first year of dues in full, or enroll in the installment payment plan, in order to receive membership benefits.
    • Provide proof of having earned at least 100 credits of CME within the last two years (if your membership lapsed less than two years ago). Staff in the AAFP’s Member Resource Center can assist you with identifying applicable CME.

    Need more information about your AAFP membership options? Please contact us at (800) 274-2237 or aafp@aafp.org.

    Ready to rejoin the AAFP? Submit a new application for membership.