• Chapter Delegates to Student Congress

    Each year, AAFP constituent chapters elect/select student members to serve as chapter delegates to the National Congress of Student Members (NCSM). The NCSM convenes during the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. The resolutions generated at these congresses influence Academy policy and activities.

    Contact your chapter to express interest in this position.


    • Poll students in your chapter prior to the National Conference for important issues your constituents would like to have addressed.
    • Organize chapter caucuses during the National Conference.
    • Attend all business sessions and assure that members of your chapter delegation attend these and related sessions.
    • Encourage submission of resolutions from your chapter delegation.
    • Attend the candidates’ forum. Attendance is imperative, as you will be casting the single vote for your chapter delegation.
    • Be prepared to discuss and act upon resolutions during the final business session.
    • Take what you’ve learned back to your chapter and educate your constituents.

    Opportunity Summary

    Term: Participation at the National Conference
    and other duties as determined by each chapter
    Application Deadline: Contact chapter
    Focus: AAFP chapters, governance
    Time Commitment: Minimal to moderate
    Travel: Yes

    Contact Your Chapter

    Eligibility Criteria

    Time commitment away from medical school: 4 days

    Funding: The AAFP does not provide funding for chapter delegates to attend the National Conference. Support is usually sought at the state and local levels.

    Meeting Schedule

    MEETING DATES Location
    National Conference July 30-August 1, 2020 Kansas City, MO