• New Tools Aid Talks on Vaccine Safety, Routine Immunizations

    October 4, 2022, 9:20 a.m. News Staff — The AAFP has created four new resources to help physicians and their care teams move patients from vaccine hesitancy to vaccine confidence.

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    The resources, produced by the Academy in collaboration with Pfizer Inc., include a vaccine safety fact sheet, a counseling guide, a patient education infographic and a series of email templates, all available in the Addressing Vaccine Concerns & Misinformation section of the AAFP’s Immunizations & Vaccines webpage.  

    Resource Rundown

    “Explaining the Vaccine Safety System" is a fact sheet that helps family physicians talk to patients about how vaccines are made, the research that ensures they are safe, and the review process they go through before FDA and CDC approval.

    “Anticipatory Guidance to Recommend Routine Vaccination for Adults” gives an overview of a counseling technique that helps clinicians to anticipate questions patients might have and then to provide guidance, along with a list of recommended routine immunizations for adults.

    “What Your Doctor Wants You to Know About Vaccines for Kids” can be shared with the parents of young patients during office visits. It features easy-to-understand information on the importance of childhood vaccinations.

    “Messages to Use in Vaccine Communications”  is a set of email templates to help physicians and their care teams remind parents and caregivers about the schedule for children’s recommended vaccines.

    More Available Online

    The resources are the latest in a series of vaccine-related materials developed by the AAFP in collaboration with Pfizer. Earlier this year, the Academy published two other fact sheets, “How to Approach Conversations With Parents About Routine Pediatric Vaccinations” and “Building Confidence When Talking to Parents About Children’s Vaccines.”

    Additional resources, including the latest immunization schedules, CME opportunities and more are available at the Academy’s Immunizations & Vaccines page and familydoctor.org’s Immunizations page.