• Overwhelmed by Documentation, Visit Prep Demands?

    Join Free Webinar on Dec. 7 to Learn How Smart Tools Can Help

    December 2, 2021, 3:48 p.m. News Staff — No matter where or how you practice, you shouldn’t have to spend your time chasing down clinical notes or spoon-feeding your EHR. Find out how you can shrink your documentation burden, increase visit preparation effectiveness and efficiency, and optimize your time with patients in a Dec. 7 webinar featuring two powerful digital tools.

    physician looking at computer and reviewing notes

    AI Assistant for Documentation

    Powered by artificial intelligence, Suki Assistant is a voice-enabled digital assistant that integrates with Athena, Epic, and Cerner EHRs to help users complete administrative tasks quickly and easily. Used to document patient visits, this smart tool has been shown to cut charting time by intuitively responding to natural voice commands to display, pull forward and edit information, and gets smarter with use.

    Overall, some of the advantages Suki offers include

    • a 70% decrease in documentation time,
    • minimal or no after-hours charting, and
    • less burnout among physicians and other clinicians in the practice.

    One of the first industry leaders to partner with the AAFP Innovation Lab, Suki completed its phase 1 (proof of concept) lab in 2020, with promising results.

    Suki Assistant has now wrapped up a highly successful phase 2 lab involving family physicians and other primary care clinicians, and the AAFP Innovation Lab is inviting all members and their practice peers to join phase 3 and trial the tool in their practices at no charge. Members who choose to keep using Suki after the free trial can get special pricing.

    A full report on the phase 2 lab findings is available online.  

    AI Assistant for Chart Review

    The phase 1 lab of the Navina Patient Portrait is also nearing completion, and the Innovation Lab is seeking a limited number of members who use an Athena, eClinicalWorks or Epic EHR to participate in phase 2 and explore this AI-generated concise clinical summary that makes even the most complex cases reviewable in minutes.

    Specifically, Navina’s AI-driven platform automates aggregation and analysis of patients’ data in real time, optimizing users’ diagnosis and coding processes and enhancing clinical workflow.  

    Feedback from clinicians using Navina noted these benefits:

    • a 70% reduction in physician visit prep time, 
    • more diagnoses identified and
    • a substantial increase in risk adjustment factor scores.

    Interested family physicians and their invited attendees can participate in a live webinar on Dec. 7 at 11 a.m. CT to learn more. Participants will have ample opportunities to speak with AAFP Innovation Lab staff and representatives from Suki and Navina during this event. Registration for this free webinar is now open.