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Am Fam Physician. 2016;93(7):544-545

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Although some editors, authors, and readers have questioned the value of peer review,1 I have no doubt that it improves the articles we publish in American Family Physician (AFP). Our reviewers regularly point out ways to enhance the presentation of information, mention important details to add, and occasionally discover errors that might otherwise mislead readers if not identified.

Reviewers have been part of the fabric of science for decades, yet their work is largely unsung. Most reviewers volunteer their time, working behind the scenes to contribute to the common good. At AFP, we send manuscripts to three external reviewers—two content experts (who may be subspecialists or family physicians) and a family physician representative—to help ensure relevance for our readers. In addition, two family physician medical editors review each manuscript. So, authors generally receive comments from five reviewers, and they must address each comment during their revision and resubmission. Anyone seeing the before-and-after papers would readily attest that even good manuscripts are improved because of this process.

To assist our reviewers, we have created an online Reviewers' Guide and developed a set of resources.2 The American Academy of Family Physicians has authorized continuing medical education credit for members who serve as peer reviewers for AFP, at three prescribed credits per manuscript, limited to 30 credits per three-year reelection cycle.

For various reasons, it has been a while since we have formally recognized our reviewers in print. Going forward, we plan to give credit to these contributors to excellence regularly, as their names remain anonymous throughout the review process. We will also start archiving each year's thank-you list on our website,2 in case any reviewers need documentation of their work for credentialing or other purposes.37

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for AFP, please visit our Reviewers' Guide ( and complete a reviewer profile, or e-mail us at We rate the quality of each review we receive and reward those who do a good job by inviting them to do more reviews! We usually send two to four requests a year—hopefully a manageable number. Serving as a reviewer can sharpen your writing and critical analysis skills; seeing weaknesses in others' work helps sensitize you to what to avoid in your own writing and can help carve a path to successful authorship.

Recently, AFP contributing editor Jennifer L. Middleton, MD, MPH, wrote about the value of peer review for the AFP Community Blog during the first-ever Peer Review Week, created by a group of science organizations with the goal of supporting and improving the peer review process.8 She expressed her appreciation for all of our reviewers, and now it is time to do that again by name, in print and online. So, on behalf of the entire editorial team at AFP, many thanks to all of our wonderful reviewers!

editor's note: Dr. Siwek is editor of AFP.

Jennifer Abeles, DOIan H. de Boer, MD, MSChris Keenan, MD, MPHKalyanakrishnan Ramakrishnan, MD
Stoney A. Abercrombie, MDCraig Derkay, MDRobert B. Kelly, MD, MSArchana Ramaswamy, MD
Fredrick M. Abrahamian, DOLara Devgan, MD, MPHNiharika Khanna, MDAndrea Rapkin, MD
Curtis N. Adams, MDGretchen Dickson, MD, MBAJennifer Kim, MDGary A. Ratkin, MD
Stephen M. Adams, MDJill Dietz, MDJonathan M. Kline, PharmDGail Reid, MD
Kehinde Adekola, MDJoel Dimsdale, MDCharles Kodner, MDMatthew Rensberry, MD
Ross Albert, MD, PhDChristopher Discolo, MDMilind J. Kothari, DOCaitlyn M. Rerucha, MD
Chelley K. Alexander, MDJohn Dorsch, MDTony Kuo, MD, MSHSJ. Marc Rhoads, MD
Maria Alkureishi, MDLeigh Eck, MDKelly Latimer, MD, MPH, FAAFPRobert Rich, MD
Jennifer Amengual, MDE. J. Edelman, MDKim Edward LeBlanc, MD, PhDJames M. Roberts, MD
Shilpa H. Amin, MD, MBScJama G. Edwards, MDAndrew G. Lee, MDAlan L. Robin, MD
Eric L. Anderson, MD*David R. Ellington, MDDaniel Lee, MDPhillip Rodgers, MD
Tamika Auguste, MDJohn W. Ely, MDAlexander K.C. Leung, MD, MBBSMichelle A. Roett, MD, MPH, FAAFP*
I. Cori Baill, MDSean C. Engel, MDGlenn Levine, MDJacqueline M. Ruplinger, MD
Robert A. Baldor, MDKehinde Eniola, MD*Lawrence A. Liebscher, MDMatthew Rutman, MD
Thomas Ball, MDJulia Fashner, MDKenneth W. Lin, MD, MPHMandakini Sadhir, MD
David B. Banach, MD, MPH, MSKristopher Fayock, MDRichard S. Lucidi, MD, FACOGRobert B. Saper, MD, MPH
Jimmy Belotte, MDGene Feder, MDJohn Maa, MDMargot Savoy, MD
Carol J. Bennett, MDThomas Fekete, MDSohil Makwana, MD, MPHGregory Sawin, MD, MPH
Jeffrey S. Berman, MDEdward R. Feller, MDJohn Malaty, MD*Andrew J. Saxon, MD
Rajib K. Bhattacharya, MDDavid A. Fiellin, MDShlomo Mandel, MD, MPHAndreas Schmid, MD
Amit Bhavsar, MD*Jennifer Frank, MDKatherine Margo, MDKamaljit Sethi, MD
Matt T. Bianchi, MD, PhDJoel E. Gallant, MD, MPHJanelle M. Marra, DOAshish Shah, MD
Brett Bilbrey, MDFrederick B. Gaupp, MD, FAAFPCaroline B. Marshall, MDAlan Shahtaji, DO*
Michael A. Bloch, MD, MSChristopher D. Gelston, MDDan Merenstein, MDHoward Sharp, MD
Mark J. Bolland, PhDF. John Gennari, MDJohn Messmer, MD*Victoria J. Sharp, MD, MBA
Anne S. Boyd, MD, FAAFP, FACSMJulie P. Gentile, MDJennifer Middleton, MD, MPH*Daniel Shoskes, MD
Melissa K. Bradner, MDPeter Gerbino, MDWilliam M. Miles, MDJagdish Shukla, MD
John Brancato, MDRahel Ghebre, MD, MSSuzanne Minor, MDRanda Sifri, MD
Mary M. Bridgeman, PharmDPierre Giglio, MDJonathan Morrow, MD, PhDBruce Sigsbee, MD, FAAN
Haywood L. Brown, MDJason P. Gilleran, MDDarlene Moyer, MDVijay Singh, MD, MPH, MS
John L. Brusch, MDDeborah Glassman, MDDavid G. Mutch, MDDustin K. Smith, DO
Edward Buchanan, MDAllan M. Goldstein, MDAmanda Myers, MDMatthew Snyder, DO
Christopher W. Bunt, MDDavid Goldstein, MDKundandeep Nagi, MDLisa Soldat, MD
William M. Burke, MDJocelyn Gravlee, MDArwa Nasir, MDPaul Stein, MD*
Erwin T. Cabacungan, MD, MPHAaron D. Greenblatt, MDKonrad C. Nau, MDJ. Herbert Stevenson, MD
James F. Calvert, MDShamai Grossman, MDEddie Needham, MD, FAAFPJoshua Storey, DO*
Pamela A. Camosy, MDMary J. Groves, MD, FAAFPDavid Newman-Toker, MD, PhDEliza L. Sutton, MD
Elisabeth M. Carr, MD*Karen E. Hall, MDAlan G. Nyitray, PhDMichelle Szczepanik, MD
Kitty Carter-Wicker, MDJaesu Han, MDToshimasa Okabe, MDJeanette Tetrault, MD, FACP
Sarah L. Cartwright, MD*Natasha Harrison, MD, MPPDavid Orsinelli, MDSeema Tirlapur, BSc, MBChB
Anil Chacko, PhDSally Haskell, MDAlex Ortega-Loayza, MDAley E. Tohamy, MD
Kwan-Leung Chan, MD, FRCPPeggy B. Hasley, MDPasquale Palumbo, MDRichard P. Usatine, MD
Richard Chan, MBBS, FRCP, FRCPCJames Haynes, MD*Sandesh Parajuli, MBBSBelinda A. Vail, MD
Arjun B. Chatterjee, MD, MSGregory W. Heath, DHSc, MPHAndrew Pasternak, MDRichard W. Waguespack, MD
Craig J. Chaya, MDNikhil Hemady, MDDinesh Patel, MD, FACSHarneet Walia, MD
Ping-Hsin Chen, PhDDavid A. Hill, MDAnu Paul, MBBSTerri Warren, RN, ANP
John Chico, MDMichael F. Holick, MDDavid Peck, MDBarry D. Weiss, MD
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Mei Chung, PhD, MPHRichard Holloway, PhDHeather R. Pickett, DOErin Westfall, DO*
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Nancy Collop, MDAllan S. Jaffe, MDDavid Z. Prince, MDJason Wilbur, MD
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Paul Crawford, MDRichard Josephson, MDLee Radosh, MDMozella Williams, MD*
Paul Dassow, MDLeila Kahwati, MD, MPHMelanie Raffoul, MDDavid Winchester, MD
Amanda Davis, MDErin Kavanaugh, MDAnita Rajasekhar, MDJohnnie Yates, MD
Benjamin Zaniello, MD*

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