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    Heel Pain: Diagnosis and Management

    Priscilla Tu

    The differential diagnosis of heel pain is extensive, but a mechanical etiology is the most common. The specific anatomic location of the pain can help guide diagnosis. Plantar heel pain is most commonly caused by plantar fasciitis; other etiologies include calcaneal stress...

    Noninfectious Penile Lesions

    Joel M. H. Teichman, Miles Mannas, Dirk M. Elston

    Noninfectious penile lesions may be papulosquamous, inflammatory, vascular, or neoplastic. Efficient diagnosis can be inhibited by several factors, such as initially inferring that an infectious cause is more likely without completing a careful genitourinary examination....

    Colorectal Cancer Screening and Surveillance in Individuals at Increased Risk

    Thad Wilkins, Danielle McMechan, Asif Talukder, Alan Herline

    Persons who have an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer include those with a personal or family history of advanced adenomas or colorectal cancer, a personal history of inflammatory bowel disease, or genetic polyposis syndromes. These individuals typically require...

    AAFP News Now: AFP Edition

    AAFP News: AFP Edition

    Update: AAFP Opts to Not Endorse New AHA/ACC Hypertension Guideline | For First Time, More Women Than Men Enrolled in U.S. Medical Schools in 2017 | 2017 Hurricanes, Wildfires Prompt Changes in MIPS Reporting | New Law Requires VA Clinicians to Report Opioid Prescriptions


    Thirty Years of AFP: Having Fun Painting the Fence

    Jay Siwek

    In 1988, when I became editor of American Family Physician (AFP), lots of people advised me not to tamper with this well-liked publication. So much so that my incoming editorial was entitled, “If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It.”1 But, I promptly set about fixing things. It's...

    Putting Prevention Into Practice

    Screening for Preeclampsia

    Iris Mabry-Hernandez, Max J. Romano

    A 28-year-old white woman comes to your clinic for prenatal care reporting a new-onset severe headache. She is currently pregnant with twins at an estimated gestational age of 22 weeks. Her obstetric history is significant for one previous term singleton vaginal delivery at...


    Nebivolol/Valsartan (Byvalson) for Hypertension

    Nathan H. Lamberton, Ardis M. Copenhaver

    Nebivolol/valsartan is an option for the treatment of patients with newly diagnosed or poorly controlled hypertension. Although it offers a new beta-blocker option, no research has demonstrated its benefit over existing treatments.

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    Abrupt Onset of a Tender Rash on the Upper and Lower Extremities

    Nguyet-Cam V. Lam, Emelia Perez

    A 54-year-old woman presented with painful lesions on her upper and lower extremities that developed a few weeks earlier. The rash did not improve after two courses of antibiotics. She had a fever and severe generalized pain. Her medical history was unremarkable.

    Practice Guidelines

    H. pylori Infection: ACG Updates Treatment Recommendations

    Amber Randel

    Key Points for Practice

    U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

    Screening for Preeclampsia: Recommendation Statement

    The USPSTF recommends screening for preeclampsia in pregnant women with blood pressure measurements throughout pregnancy.


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