• Reviewers' Guide

    How to Review for American Family Physician

    1. Profile: Please complete the attached profile and forward to afpjournal@aafp.org with the title “Peer Review Profile” in the email. With this document, we will add you to our list of reviewers.


    2. Conflict of Interest: When assigned a topic, look for possible conflicts of interest prior to accepting. If you have either of the following, please check with our editorial office at afpjournal@aafp.org before doing your review. 

    3. Standards: We depend on your help in making this manuscript an up-to-date, high-quality presentation on the topic. Please look for any of the following:

    • Errors of commission: Are any of the facts incorrect?
    • Errors of omission: Is there important information missing?
    • New developments, references, or tables/figures that should be added?
    • Imbalance to the presentation—evidence of bias?
    • Problem with clarity—do not worry about grammar or wording unless unclear

    How to Do an Effective Peer Review

    The accompanying PowerPoint slide presentation is also available. 

    4. Comments: The comments you provide are the key to the quality of AFP. Comments should be according to the following:

    • As specific as possible
    • Focused on improving presentation
    • Balanced—Comment on weaknesses, but mention strengths 
    • Comments to Editor—Separate comments to the editor can be helpful to discuss sensitive issues such as inappropriate bias or plagiarism concerns. Editors review all author comments, so don’t repeat them.

    5. Rating: Please rate key aspects of the manuscript on a rating scale in Editorial Manager, our online peer review system. These ratings are used to get a composite, semiquantitative sense of the external reviews.

    Example: To give you an idea of what reviews for AFP look like, please download the sample reviews. These three peer reviews include strong and weak reviews and a short explanation of each. 


    Resources: If you are interested in more information about reviewing, see the resources for articles and online courses that are available. 


    Previous Reviewers: Click here to find lists of previous AFP reviewers by year.