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    Essential (Primary) Hypertension in Adults

    Blood pressure (BP) screening using an office-based measurement is recommended for adults 18 years and older without a history of hypertension. If abnormal, the BP measurement should be repeated twice with the average of those final two readings used to determine the BP...

    Secondary Causes of Hypertension in Adults

    Secondary hypertension (HTN) refers to high blood pressure (BP) caused by an identifiable and potentially correctable condition or disease. Common causes of secondary HTN include renovascular disease, renal parenchymal disease, primary hyperaldosteronism, drug and substance...

    Hypertension in Children and Adolescents

    Hypertension (HTN) in children and adolescents is a spectrum of disease, ranging from elevated blood pressure (BP) to stage 1 and 2 HTN. The prevalence of elevated BP and HTN in this age group has increased significantly over the past 20 years, particularly in girls....

    Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy

    Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy (HDP) represent a spectrum of disease that affect women through pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period. These conditions are associated with significant morbidity and mortality during and after pregnancy and have been linked to...



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