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    Wrist Conditions

    Common wrist conditions include fractures and other injuries, osteoarthritis, radial epiphysitis, joint instability, de Quervain tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cyst, and ulnar neuropathy. The initial history and physical examination, with particular focus on...

    Elbow Conditions

    For patients with elbow pain, a comprehensive history and physical examination can identify the mechanism of injury and specific tests can help determine the underlying pathology. When imaging is indicated, x-ray typically is the initial modality. Indications for...

    Neck Conditions

    The incidence of neck pain in US primary care settings ranges from 10% to 21% per year. A key component in evaluation of patients with neck pain is identification of red flag signs or symptoms that indicate the need for urgent evaluation for possible serious conditions. These...

    Ankle Conditions

    The ankle is the cause of many musculoskeletal injuries. Knowledge of ankle anatomy and physiology can provide an initial framework to help clinicians formulate a differential diagnosis. A thorough history should be obtained, with a focus on mechanism of injury and symptom...




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