• You might be a coding and payment geek if . . .

    The arrival of the new ICD-9 manual recently reminded me that there are certain things that distinguish coding and payment geeks from otherwise "normal" people.  So, for your consideration, I offer you the top 10 signs that you might be a coding and payment geek:

    10.  The first thing you associate with December is the arrival of the new CPT book.

    9.  You actually get excited when your new coding books arrive.

    8.  You wonder why the toy doctors bag you bought your kid doesn't include a claim form.

    7.  You worry your family physician is undercoding your visit.

    6.  You consider the Federal Register light reading.

    5.  You write to CMS more than to your own mom.

    4.  You actually understand Medicare's Sustainable Growth Rate formula.

    3.  You collect past issues of CPT Assistant on eBay.

    2.  When your family physician tells you that you have conjunctivitis, you wonder what the ICD-9 code for that is.

     And the number one sign that you might be a coding and payment geek:

    1.  You actually understood the humor in this blog post!

    Posted on Oct 22, 2009 by Kent Moore

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