• How to immunize against burnout

    Although nearly two-thirds of family physicians report symptoms of burnout, Philip Kaplan, MD, FAAFP, says he still finds joy in going to the office after more than 40 years in practice. He credits his fulfillment to three things:

    1. A supportive family. “My wife of 51 years was raised in a home where her father was a general practitioner with an office in the home. She was immersed in his mission, and shares mine,” he says.

    2. Positive, capable colleagues. “I share the office with a physician assistant in her 27th year of practice,” says Kaplan. “Her joy and enthusiasm sustain mine.”

    3. A sense that change is possible through advocacy. “I have experienced the power of collective advocacy, which gives me hope for our profession.”

    Adapted from “How to Immunize Against Burnout.”

    Posted on Apr 04, 2018 by FPM Editors

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